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August 20, 2012

Crime, punishment, guns and ammo

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On whether Internet sales should be subject to state sales tax:

• With no physical presence in the state, no — Ed M.

• No, they need to stop looking for more ways to take our money. Lower politicians’ pay if we need a few extra dollars to get by on — Matt H.

On what, if anything, should be done to help indigent individuals who don’t qualify for Medicaid:

• What should be done? I’ll tell you. Get the people off welfare who abuse the system. Medicare is threatened to be cut out in the next years, let’s cut out all the welfare abusers so the people who truly need it can receive the benefits to help them ... — Keith C.

• If you judge a country by how well it takes care of its citizens then America is at the bottom of the list — John M.

On a story about an increase in overdose deaths in southern West Virginia:

• This is just sad — Chris O.

• Yep, I just read that article. All it tells me is there are more stupid people around than we thought — Becky D.

On a photo showing Daily Telegraph staffers having a cookout during a torrential rain:

• I love it! — Johnnie S.

• ... Keep those burgers dry. I like mine well done with the works — Debbie K.

On a story about how India will be getting nine million tons of Appalachian coal annually:

• Great, great news! — Linda C.

• India, I appreciate you while our president cuts our throats — Derek K.

On whether mine inspectors should be held liable for possible negligence:

• Hell yes — Billy M.

• They’re called “Inspectors” for a reason — Jamie L.

• Most definitely — Michelle M.

On a story about an Indiana woman sentenced to 50 years in prison for molesting her daughter:

• That’s all? — Michelle L.

• As a Christian, I really can’t say what needs to happen to her. As a mother I can say literally skin her, torture her the way soldiers are tortured. Hang her until almost dead then let her breath, and hang her again over and over. Horsewhip her until she has no flesh left. But eventually God will punish her way better than I can think of — Shirley M.

• OMG. What is next? — Susan L.

• This creature is by no means a mother and should not be labeled as such. She is a monster and prison is too good for her. God Bless that little 11-year-old child. What’s the rest of her life going to be like? So sad — Pamela M.

• She should never get out of prison, she is definitely a monster! I would not want to be her on judgment day. But from what I hear they do to child molesters in prison, she will be scared for the next 50 years, if she makes it that long — which I doubt — Sherri O.

• Monsters! — Shirley F.

• Tie them to a tree and burn them, prison is way too easy for these animals — Elizabeth H.

• She might have been sentenced to 50 years but she will get out on good behavior like all the rest of them do — Barbara L.

• This woman is an evil freak — but you Christians are way scarier! Really? Skin her alive? What Bible are you reading? — Jonathan S.

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