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July 31, 2013

Prayer, coal, guns, more

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week and this week:

On a story about an atheist group demanding Alabama schools cancel a “prayer caravan:”

• Good. If it’s using school district resources in any way, it’s no good — Allison B.

• Don’t do it Alabama school district — Sherry B.

• That’s what is wrong with the schools these days, they’ve locked God out but push him in jails. Hmmm ... — Angel H.

• Freedom of religion does not mean that you can ignore separation of church and state. If the state or any government pays for that school to operate they are breaking the law of separation. This country was founded on freedom of religion. It does not mean that someone can force their beliefs on others ... — Bev O.

• If it’s on Saturday and they aren’t required to go ... that’s kind of OK. But that’s the line right there. Don’t make the kids feel weird on Monday morning if they don’t want to pray outside — Sarah K.

• Luckily, for those atheists, the prayer is voluntary. No one is forcing them to attend, much less pray to a God they don’t believe in. I’ve never understood how a God they choose to believe doesn’t exist, offends them so much. I don’t believe in the existence of Santa Claus, and yet I’ve never been offended by pictures, talk or stories that include him in it — Becky G.

On members of the 304th MP Company returning home:

• Blessed day, 304th! I want to say I am so proud of y’all for the time you have invested in training and the risk of life you have accepted in order to serve and protect our country — Karen S.

On a poll question asking how your family finances are compared to this time last year:

• Worse — Micole B.

• Worse. Prices of everything increased dramatically. Pay has not increased at all — Susan A.

• Worse. Thanks to AEP and their constant rate increases! It’s ridiculous — Theresa M.

• Better! — Roger E.

• Pay is stagnant and expenses are increasing! — Pat J.

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