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September 6, 2012

Maggie, school attendance, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On a story about Maggie, the Mercer County Sheriff Department’s bloodhound, tracking burglary suspects through six miles of woods, weeds:

• I love Maggie ... Good girl! — Linda F.

• Pleased to hear they caught the thieves. I hope the homeowner got all of their valuables back — Dale R.

On whether Americans are better off than they were four years ago:

• Hell no. We are not! — Buddy B.

• Nope — Greg B.

• No — Ruth M.

• Certainly not in West Virginia, with 21,000 jobs lost — Becky C.

• No we are not, but Romney is bad, too ... So what do we do? They both are bad ... Mary S.

• First of all, the U.S. Constitution grants among many things, freedom of religion. Secondly, Bush supported two wars. Educating one’s self on facts regarding economic, global and social policies would greatly benefit these discussions, Four Seasons Country! — Taya W.

• Look around, stores closing, mines shutting down, over 1,200 coal miners will lose their jobs after this weekend, not to mention 105 workers losing their jobs because of power plants shutting down. It’s obvious this idiot in D.C. needs to go — Derek K.

• If people are not better off it is because of opposition of the “Party of No” (aka Republicans) — Bill S.

On educators across the nation are using creative strategies like contests with laptop computers, private concerts and other prizes as ways to convince students and parents that regular attendance matters:

• Most students are not going to go to school for this, but if it works to draw in 2 percent that is lagging or it keeps some student from dropping out, great. What will it hurt in the long run? But teachers still need raises! Motivate the teachers with a cash cow! — Steve B.

• If they don’t go to school then not only punish the kids but their parents as well. Let DHS step in, and after the kids are taken away or the parents serve some time over it maybe it will stop — Dennie T.

• Unconcerned parents, lazy teachers and no boundaries for children — everyone wonders what is wrong with our youth. School is mandatory, the reward is in the education itself — Tanyia C.

• I feel that we need teachers that care about their students. Maybe if we had more good teachers, we wouldn’t have as high of a dropout rate! — Lucinda G.

• Get rid of No Child Left Behind. Pay the teachers more by their merits, get rid of the slackers — Brenda K.

• Bribes not, but rewards for effort is always a good idea. They have been doing it with pizza parties and other incentives for years. Yes, I think it’s a good idea. Kids get discouraged and need something to be excited about — Debbie K.

• Why not just pay students a salary to get them to come to school? Hey, I’ve got a better idea, why not pay them to eat, play, take a bath, brush their teeth, etc.? The reward should be the education they will get by attending school. Stop it with the “hand outs” — Pamela M.

• If they want to increase attendance, then quit booting out children that are missing a vaccine! These kids want to go to school and can’t because West Virginia is one of only two states in America that force vaccines on children! That’s a good place to start — Theresa K.

• I am all for alternative methods to help students finish their education, though some of the incentives are a bit crazy. Maybe give them options (like the different days or times) rather than prizes ... — Audra B.

• We need to get the administrators and politicians out of the classroom and give power back to the teachers. Pay them a wage that shows we respect the difficulty of their job. Listen to the teachers and watch the students do the same — Karen C.

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