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February 10, 2013

Bringing back the push-up



I am getting stronger and having fun at the same time. But the biggest gain, so far, has been the trip down memory lane. I miss being an athlete. It was my identity for a long time. In high school, one of my favorite conditioning drills involved a wooden box. Coach set up multiple boxes on the court and we would sprint, then jump up on a box, then sprint and repeat the entire course. If you missed the box, the wood met your shin. It was one of my favorite drills — except when I missed the box. When I saw box jumps at CrossFit, I couldn’t hide my grin. It was like being 17 again. I have written about my memories with basketball, and how I replaced the sounds of a basketball hitting the hardwood with running. CrossFit hasn’t replaced anything; it has taken those fitness back burners and brought them to front. I used to be intimidated by PE class. I was never comfortable unless I was running or playing basketball. CrossFit has changed the way I look at intimidating exercises.


Life’s triumphs mature with age. We focus on paying bills, finding love, raising kids and saving for retirement. There are no more game-winning shots or horrible PE classes at 2 p.m. Throughout my career at the BDT, I have always  been an advocate of fitness through my writing and conversations with my fellow co-workers. Before we were journalists, we were football players, cheerleaders, basketball players and little league baseball players. And the same goes for our readers. I believe those former years are still a part of all us. We see glimpses when we watch children at a little league games, cheer for our favorite teams or participate in a fitness class. We might not be as good as we used to be, but our bodies remember how to jump, push, pull and run. It just hurts more and requires a TLC.

Jamie Parsell is the Lifestyle editor of the Daily Telegraph. Contact her at or follow on Twitter @BDTParsell.


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