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January 14, 2013

Troops, soda, sex ed, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On poll results from a question that asked what should be the priority in this year’s legislative session:

• As usual, education comes in last — Michael W.

On a poll question asking if you agree with the Obama administration’s proposal to remove all American troops from Afghanistan after December 2014:

• Yes! — Marcia B.

• No! It will leave the country at the mercy of Al Qaeda. Why did we go there and waste all of our resources to no avail? — Marie B.

• Should be sooner. Just gives him a chance to change his mind along the way — Logan K.

• Get the Afghan military trained and then get out. Anyhow, it’s funny how some of those who are now howling about our presence in Afghanistan and Iraq stood by and cheered when Dubya sent our troops over there in the first place — Don Z.

• For the U.S. to leave now will merely give Al Qaeda and those of their ilk a foothold — Marie B.

• Unfortunately because we lack the will to do what is needed, it’s best to quit. Notice nobody talks about winning wars any more. The discussion lacks any mention of victory. Instead, the correct term is “ending wars.” They used to call that “losing” — Paul D.

On whether a ban on soda and sugar-sweetened drinks in schools will help combat the state’s obesity problem:

• Nope. Obesity problems in children start from habits formed at home — Lauren B.

• The kids aren’t eating the food at school anymore — it’s all getting wasted. Their habits are going home and gorging on food and little to no exercise ... — Carly M.

• I think it will help and send a positive message to kids and even the employees about their health! — Joya C.

• Ask any 12-year-old: Would you rather have this nutritional meal, or would you rather have a bag of chips and a Pepsi? No? ... Then realize that we are the adults and they are our children. If you want your kid to drink pop at school, then send them to school with one — Neal V.

• We were offered soda and other snacks when I attended school in the ’90s and we weren’t all obese. I think the problem is kids today are at home on games and the Internet, not playing outside. I know my child comes home starved for he won’t eat these new meals served, and honestly I don’t blame him — Angel H.

• Unfortunately, no — Yvette P.

• School food, nor the snacks that kids get at school, cause obesity. The problem is kids are not really required to participate in gym class anymore — Sonia A.

• Education is best. Banning anything just creates more interest in it. Everything in moderation — Cherie A.

• Nope, it starts in the home — Jessica M.

• Hasn’t worked yet — Leah P.

• Hmm, maybe they could ban water to keep people from drowning while they’re at it — Matt H.

• Absolutely not — Sue D.

• No, it will not help. Go to McDonald’s at 5 and 6 in the evening and you will see why — Chrissy C.

On how often you use paper checks, and if you pay most of your bills online or via the old-fashioned method:

• I pay all bills online through my bank’s online bill payment program. Have for years — Kathy L.

• I pay both ways — Judith L.

• One check a month, the rest electronically — Leah P.

• I use checks for things like rent and school meals. Use my debit card for most, paying over the phone. But with more phone charges coming up I have used the Internet, too. Prefer the phone method — Alicia P.

On a poll question asking if sex education should be taught at the grade school level:

• No — Martha W.

• Um, of course not — Jessica W.

• No — Theresa P.

• No! They will learn sooner or later, hopefully later — Linda C.

• Um, as a parent it is my job and choice as to when I’ll teach my children about sex. Since when did the government take that right away? My child, my choice — Sunshine G.

• No! — Tammy S.

• I wouldn’t want anyone but myself and my hubby teaching our son these things. Home schooling is looking more and more appealing — Angela C.

• No! But you better start at home at this age because it is out there. Sad, but true — David D.

• No — Danny H.

• No, the innocence of children is already being taken away by Hollywood and the video game producers — Derek K.

• Heck no! That’s what parents are for! Geez, they grow up too fast as it is — Jessica M.

• No — Fran E.

• No! — Dale R.

• Yes :) I do believe that the schools should when so many parents fail to teach their children and teens about sexual education. Children and teens are maturing at faster rates and earlier ages than the parents are willing to accept the responsibilities for that their babies are going up. It’s not forcing our children out of innocence but it will be to help them make wise, educated choices that many parents fear already to talk to their kids about. I think it is a good idea. If the parents fail at it then perhaps a child might have a chance being taught in school ... — Cindy C.

On a story about a McDowell County man arrested after a stabbing spree at Northfork Hollow:

• Ban those assault knives — Marcel A.

• I think if it had been an assault rifle the charges might be a smidgen worse then “malicious wounding” — Paul P.

• Yep! Ban them! While we are at it, let’s make a punchline out of a local crime to advance an unrelated political position — Neal V.