Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV


December 24, 2012

Guns, winter storm, missing city funds


On a story about an approaching winter storm.

• Bring it on! Only because it is Christmas. LOL. — Joanna K.

• Oh yes. I am dancing — Carly M.

• Yah! — Katrina A.

On a story about an investigation into the alleged embezzlement of $5,000 from the city of Bluefield.

• I find it difficult to believe the city of Bluefield would have $5,000 in cash — Bill M.

• So now we know where the money from the sale of Bluefield Regional Medical Center went to — Don Z.

• Color me surprised! — Ava N.

• I think there is so much corruption in all these small towns in West Virginia, especially down Route 52. Reason why Mercer or McDowell county don’t have nothing — Hobert C.

• LOL. The city attorney said “it’s only $5,000” taxpayer monies .I could fix my roof with that kind of money — Maggie B.


On a question asking if you think your child is safe in school?

• We have to trust in God to watch over them. But there is evil and Satan out there working. But god will be there for them we pray — Sue D.

• I don't feel safe in any "gun free zone." It is just an invitation for bad people to come to create havoc because there is no way to stop them — Matt H.

• Not safe enough! — Heather C.

• The schools could be safer, but it will cost money. For instance, the only way into a school should be set up like Newtown, Conn., but with no glass doors that could be easily shot out. Second the ground floor windows would have to be bullet proof or done away with all together, and that would be a huge undertaking — Doug S.


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