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December 24, 2012

Guns, winter storm, missing city funds

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about President Barack Obama asking for “concrete proposals” to curb gun violence.

• It’s shameful that he is using this tragic situation and turning it to his own political advantage! — Harold P.

• All the victims haven’t even been laid to rest yet, and the vultures are circling with their knee jerk solutions which happen to match their personal agendas. Pathetic. — Joseph L.

• Spend energy fixing security issues at schools. Start with investing money in entry areas that keep people “away” from staff and students in a waiting area. Design schools with play areas located out of public view and access. Start there, please! — Kristie S.

• People are most vulnerable when emotions are high. This administration is playing it perfect. No matter how shameful their actions are — Chris S.

On a poll question asking how prepared you are for a winter storm?

• I have a jeep — Greg B.

On a poll question asking whether school officials should be allowed to carry firearms on campus?

• Yes! Since it would be the easiest thing to do, all teachers should be trained and licensed to carry a gun, along with putting a soldier outside the school. If the criminal does get by the outside protection, teachers will be ready to take action. I think if this were put in place, people who want to use schools as a shooting ground would possibly think again before trying it! — Karen S.

• Yes, to an extent. I know some teachers that I would not have any issues or concerns with carrying a weapon; however, I know some that I would have some reservations with. I personally would like to see at least one armed officer, possibly dressed in a suit, that is in the area of the front office and main door. This could be a good job for retired police officers or our military personnel that are looking for jobs. I think that a possible shooter knowing that a place is protected might be a little more reluctant in attacking a school. If you look at the attacks in the past, all have occurred in “gun free” places — John C.

• No. I do not want teachers to have firearms on school property. Who’s to say a teacher wouldn’t go off on difficult students or a student would be able to gain access to a teacher’s gun and do something worse than what just happened in Connecticut. Increasing the presence of guns is not the answer to this problem. Increase security measures that are already in place — Kim O.

• I think they should be able to carry something to keep them and the children safe — Mary M.

• No. The more people you have strapped the more weapons you have and the higher the likelihood that something unfortunate will happen. Armed security and closed campuses would be more effective — Ed M.

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