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July 24, 2013

Crime, Congress, meth, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week and this week:

On an AP story about someone attacking a child operating a lemonade stand with urine-filled balloons:

• Terrible. People can be such animals — Gen B.

• What a scumbag! Sounds like a damn kook! — Eric J.

• How sick — Lynn C.

• People are so crazy these days. It’s sad — Theresa T.

On a poll question asking readers to rate the performance of Congress:

• What Congress? They haven’t done their job in years! — Susan Y.

• The worse Congress we’ve ever had — Tony B.

On the poll results regarding the performance of Congress (great, 1 percent; fair, 7 percent; poor, 89 percent; undecided, 2 percent):

• Extremely poor! — Angela G.

• I can not “Like” this ... but I can, and do, agree with it! — Katharine N.

On how successful you think the ‘No Child Left Behind’ act has been, and if it is time to retire the act:

• Yes, indeed it is, due to many who have fallen through the system... — Hobert C.

• It should be named “No Child Gets Ahead.” Our best and brightest are left to languish in the classroom, while the slowest garner all the attention — David T.

• We’ve seen what fudging the numbers in the housing market has gotten us. Just imagine what fudging the numbers in education has given us ... — Jamie L.

• It should have been called “No Child Left Untested!” — Cheryl W.

• No child left behind really means, “let’s pass them on to be someone else’s problem!...” — Michele C.

• It was an epic fail for the students and the teachers! — Brian W.

• Beyond epic fail — Steven T.

On if you understand the Affordable Care Act, and if you could ask President Obama a question about the new health care law, what would it be:

• Does he understand it enough to answer those questions or is this just another political back-slapping session? — Joseph L.

• No one seems to understand it ... not even the lawmakers — Johnny F.

• It’s not that hard to understand, turn off “Duck Dynasty” for 10 minutes and read about it. I can see why insurance companies are hating it since the online comparison thing is forcing them to cut their rates by half — Joe H.

• We were already notified by our insurance company that the rate will roughly double in a few months — Sharon Q.

How do you feel about the preservation of historic sites that can be seen as a symbol of segregation, racism or slavery?

• They should be saved lest we forget — Roger E.

• Someone will always be offended, on either side of the issue, and by all races. Too much hate in our hearts — Steven R.

• Forget our past and it may repeat itself ... Good or bad we need to remember what our ancestors went through — Greg B.

• Our history is what it is. Preserve it but use it as a symbol to learn from — Angela G.

• Our history is not a pretty one, indeed. We certainly do not need to repeat it. Let’s learn why those sites are there and learn from the lessons they taught us! — Diana E.

• History should tell the full story, the good and the bad, without apologizing — Gene B.

On a video of the Boy Scouts working at East River Mountain overlook:

• Great! Now, who’s going to make sure it stays clean? — Don Z.

• I agree. West Virginia should be so lucky to have these Scouts! Now if everyone would think twice before throwing trash out their windows, etc., and help keep West Virginia green and beautiful would really be worth it all! — Sue F.

On a story about the remains of a World War II soldier returned to his home in West Virginia:

• Welcome home ... R.I.P. — Venetia G.

On a Virginia woman who got five years in prison for the death of her son, who died of starvation and dehydration.

• Five years? Should have been 50 years! — Regina A.

• Five years? Seriously? — Kelly R.

• She should have gotten punishment to fit the crime (death) — Anita H.

• She should be getting life in prison; his death wasn’t resulting from an accident or neglect, it was intentional murder! — Karen S.

On the best personal protection for women:

• A gun — Anita H.

On the arrest of a man operating a mobile meth lab in McDowell County:

• Good. Now arrest the other 2,000 in Mercer County — Bev O.

On a poll question asking readers to rate their interest in the royal baby:

• My interest is too low to vote on this poll, but high enough to comment and tell you how disinterested I am. It’s almost a paradox — Matt S.

• I awake each morning wondering about a baby that will never in its entire life have to do one second of work. There has to be at some point where we as a society examine this idea that being born rich makes you better than others — Joe H.