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July 17, 2013

Readers react to verdict

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week and this week:

On George Zimmerman being found not guilty, and a poll question asking if you agree with the verdict:

• No, I do not — Samantha K.

• 100 percent — Chris G.

• No, he will go out there and kill again — Judith F.

• Yea, I agree with it. If I was getting my head bounced off the concrete and I had a gun my attacker would get shot too ... — Zack W.

• Stand your ground goes both ways ... — Jamie L.

• Zimmerman took the law into his own hands. He was a member of the Neighborhood Watch — not the Neighborhood Stalk and Detain! — Michelle L.

• Zimmerman ignored directions from 911 and continued his unauthorized pursuit of someone who was walking home from the store. Trayvon Martin was being pursued by an armed male. He also had the right to defend himself and to stand his ground — Brenda B.

• No! — Roger E.

• To everyone saying no and that he stalked his victim, watch the blasted trial footage  ... Zimmerman followed orders and did not approach Trayvon. He stayed back only keeping him in sight in order to tell authorities where he was at. Trayvon came back to Zimmerman and started assaulting him first! There are multiple witnesses who stated the same exact thing. If you want to debate whether he should have done so armed then debate that, it’s legitimate — Clinton W.

• No, he needed to stay in his car as the law asked him to — Linda M.

• Yes. Granted, he could have done a thing or two differently, but it was Martin who bashed Zimmerman’s skull against the concrete and caused him to fear for his life. If Martin hadn’t attacked Zimmerman, and instead acted sensibly, he would probably still be alive — Tyler R.

• I agree — Sabriye A.

• I don’t think the jury could have reached any other decision. But I think the law is wrong. I hope he is found guilty in a civil trial — Susan A.

• I agree but know that George Zimmerman will not continue on his life as if nothing happened; his life is forever changed and he didn’t celebrate at all what happened so I am sure he will be grieving the death of Trayvon Martin like everyone else. We all have free will and we all face choices. Every good choice also has an alternate bad choice and we have to use wisdom to know the difference and choose the good at all times. Those who choose the bad don’t have enough maturity or wisdom so they end up facing consequences they didn’t expect. I am sure this tragic event will educate all teens that they are not to make choices that could risk their life when they can expect bad results ... Karen S.

• This case should have never went to court. What a waste of tax dollars — Michael R.

• Truth is if Zimmerman hadn’t had a gun, he would never have followed that kid — Stephanie H.

• So, so, so sad — Tawana K.

• Not sad, six individuals heard the evidence and worked diligently to reach a fair verdict — Donna G.

• State didn’t prove their case. People may not like it but this is our justice system — Sadie K.

• The reason we have a court system is so unbiased individuals will hear the truth and decide on a verdict. The outcome of this trial is fair and accurate — Jason T.

• That’s not justice! — Delta F.

• Justice was served! The ladies on the jury did their job, were diligent and came to the right consensus — John W.

• It’s absolute justice! — Victor L.

• But would any of this had even happened if George had just stayed in his vehicle and let police handle the guy in the first place? — Isaac P.

• Woulda shoulda coulda, we can play the what-if game all day long, it isn’t going to do a thing to reverse what is. The court made its decision based upon what the prosecution presented, and found him innocent ... — Joseph L.

• Justice served. I believe in the system. Which means you take the good with the bad — Micheal C.

• There was one story told — Mr. Zimmerman’s story and the prosecution did not disprove it. He, Zimmerman, was not found innocent; he was found “not guilty” — Gene B.

• So now it’s time to move on. The jury has spoken — Barb E.

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