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July 4, 2012

Storm damage, outages, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last weekend:

On Friday night’s storm, and storm damage:

• Rode the storm out on New River in Narrows, felt like I was back in Florida. Any word on what street the trees are on a house in Bland? That’s where I live. Just wondering if I still have a house to go home to. I was at Broken Horseshoe Campground — trees uprooted, snapped in half, canopies twisted. A lot of stuff messed up. — Wendy F.

• Wow — Jenny A.

• I live in Northern Virginia and it has moved this way! The wind is blowing something awful and it is raining really hard! I pray everyone in my hometown in Southwest Virginia is safe and sound! — Leighann V.

• My sister lives in Princeton [and] said wind damage — trees down and some limbs. My niece was at the concert, but is home safe now — Shelia S.

• A tree was down on Courthouse Road by Club Maximus. Some great officers were there to keep traffic going safely, even though one of them was almost hit by an older woman not paying attention. Great job Officer Grey and all the others directing traffic! It was crazy that 911 and all other emergency numbers were busy. The police and fire department plus many others worked their (expletive deleted) off to keep people safe, I hope they were appreciated — Bobbie L.

• Relay for Life in Bland County wiped out in about ten minutes. Tents and chairs blown everywhere. Luminary bags blew all over the place. Such a tragic event for such a good cause — Randy K.

• Tree in house on Lower Pine Street in Princeton — Jacqueline G.

• Tornado touched down in Narrows across from Riverview Campground. Power lines down and trees on fire — Stephanie W.

• It was a teaser in the War area. A big ole gust of wind, just enough rain to make this gardener mad, and it was over — Al J.

• Tornado hit between Princeton and Athens (I witnessed it at the bottom of Durrs Pond Road). I can confirm it hit a few miles away off Athens Road. I was fishing when it came through from that direction. Very scary seeing trees breaking and flying through the air and transformers exploding — Mike H.

• Lots of heavy wind from every direction in Lake Shawnee. No lightning, thunder or rain though. Very strange — Dale R.

• Sighting of a funnel cloud off Gardner Road in Princeton by more than one person — Julie T.

• Limbs down in Springville — Ashley C.

• We saw one tree come down of decent size in Princeton. Limbs and branches are all over some roads. We heard that a tornado touched down near Athens Road and a house was struck by lightning. Power is out in a few places in Princeton — Jeff M.

• Trees down in Pembroke, Va., near my mom’s house.  Had to go to a church for safety — Sue M.

• We have downed power lines and trees on Fairgrounds Road, just off Athens Road. Definitely heard that “freight train” that would confirm tornadoes — Beth E.

• Tree down on road in front of armory in Brushfork — Wilma H.

• My brother is camping at Shanklin’s Ferry River and the wind ripped all the tents up, sent chairs flying to the river. A tree fell on my brother’s truck. I was at the concert in Bluefield, which got evacuated then canceled. Went and picked my brother up. I guess we will deal with the truck tomorrow. This is a mess — Tiffany B.

• Heavy winds in Bozoo, W.Va. Tree limbs laying everywhere, trees fell and had roads blocked for a while. Electricity is still out :( Saw a trampoline that had been blown into a field and was crushed. My kids were terrified. Worst storm I’ve seen in a long time! — Jeannie F.

• Wind blew so hard in Bluefield my front storm door window broke out and blew the broken glass in my living room. Blew outside chairs, and just put a pool up that’s now full of leaves — Mary S.

• Tree across power and telephone lines on Raleigh Avenue in Princeton — Jennie H.

• My mom was watching TV in Joho when she heard it coming. Said she never heard anything like it. Unfortunately she now understands what I go through in South Carolina in tornadic storms and why I told her to get in her enclosed closet with no outer walls. Very glad everyone is OK. Praying for you all — Cheryl H.

• I was sitting around watching the Olympic trials with my daughters and all of a sudden the storm blew in. The trees blew in different directions and the clouds were heading south and southwest toward Tazewell. I have never seen this happen. — Derek K.

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