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June 27, 2012

Readers vow to stand their ground

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On a story about a national group, the Second Chance Campaign, wanting West Virginia to overturn its so-called “stand your ground” law, and whether you would stand your ground if threatened by an intruder:

• I would unload the gun in them — Kim P.

• I’d stand mine! They’ve had a bad day! That’s what’s wrong with the world. We are all slowly but surely having our rights taken away! What’s next? Being shot for having a Bible? Then I’d have to die for Jesus. After all, he died for me! — Joya C.

• Apparently the people wanting this law nixed have never had to deal with a fiending drug addict looking for money for dope. You can nix the law but it won’t stop people from protecting their home and family — Samuel B.

• I am so tired of the law protecting criminals! When is it going to protect the law-abiding citizen? You break into my home and I am in it, well you may have walked in, but you are going to be carried out! Let us protect our homes and family! — Sheryl T.

• This is a joke! It should be every American citizen’s right to protect their own home and family — smh — Eric L.

• These people can give their ground. We will stand ours — Dale R.

• I could care less about my house, it’s all replaceable. But if they come in while my family is here, I’ll do what I must to protect them — Adam H.

• We must protect ourselves from intruders, we never know what their intentions may be. Some may be looking to steal valuables, while others may have more violent plans. Either way, I will not hesitate for one second to put a bullet in them. We live in a world where home intrusion murders occur every day, we have to protect ourselves and those we love. So to answer the question, yes, I will stand my ground — Kevin T.

• Do not change this law, we need this with all the drugs and stuff going on. We need to be able to protect ourselves and homes — Betty G.

• The “nixers” really need to look at the cases where fathers are forced to watch intruders rape daughters and slash their throats thereafter or the ones in which the whole family is stabbed to death. I guess I’m going to jail. I will be protecting my family and myself! — Irene C.

• This is a national group not a West Virginia group therefore they need to mind their own business. Most of them were probably surprised to even find out that West Virginia is an actual state and not just the “western part” of Virginia. Maybe if more states had a stand your ground law there would be less crime in the U.S. as a whole — Drema A.

• Some of us actually like, and live in, West Virginia — Paul H.

• I guess that Second Chance group would like to see all of us robbed, beaten and killed. Break into my house and I will show you my Castle Doctrine at the end of a .45 — Michelle S.

• Too funny. West Virginia does not have stand your ground laws (unfortunately). West Virginia has “Castle Doctrine,” a great thing but still way off from stand your ground. I also find it funny that the group protesting a West Virginia law does so from Salem, Va. ... lol — Erik P.

• All of these out-of-state groups need to keep their noses out of West Virginia and mind their own cotton-picking business, just like the one that questioned PikeView High School’s venue for their graduation ceremony — Randy S.

• Another way for some groups to try and get guns banned in this country — Mark P.

• Perhaps the Bluefield Daily Telegraph should do some detailed research on exactly who and what this so-called “national” group is. A quick Internet search shows that they are supported by the typical left groups and Michael Bloomberg, New York City mayor, who wants to ban everything from salt, colas, popcorn and guns ...  — Jerri H.

• If anyone is wanting this changed, then chances are they are thinking of committing crimes and don’t want us to have the right to defend ourselves. I don’t care, you come around my house you are going to be asked what you want by Smith and Wesson! I’ve got evidence of how things are nowadays — Judy F.

• I guess this Second Chance Campaign means when a guy breaks into my house, I warn him the first time, and let him take whatever he wants, then when he comes back again, it’s OK to shoot him! Yea, that’ll happen — Bob D.

• Do any of these “no gun” people ever read crime stats? Their addresses should be published so the crooks know where to go and honest gun owners won’t have to waste our bullets. It is a back-door way to limit gun rights and won’t work — Steven T.

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