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October 25, 2012

‘Sins and Secrets’ and Halloween controversy

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week and earlier this week:

On a question asking if you watched “Sins and Secrets: Iaeger” on the Investigation Discovery channel, and what you thought of the show. (For those who missed the episode about McDowell County, it will repeat on Saturday, Oct. 27, at noon.)

• Just wondering how they could find one guy guilty and use basically the same evidence on the other guy and he was found not guilty — Pamela M.

• So when did “big coal” start killing people!?!? Really? The most shocking allegation on the entire program. Such sad commentary of the Iaeger area and people. This is my hometown and saddens me — Tonya B.

• I think it was well done. I’m glad they didn’t rag on West Virginia — Drema P.

• It was interesting but some of those pictures and people’s names were not familiar at all. But that’s my hometown. Doc was a good man. He and my dad were friends — Wayne J.

• Do you know if it’s going to re-air? — Louanna A.

• Not in reference to this case, but I know from recent experience that you can give the police and other authorities evidence and they do not act on it. The police there have people who are not qualified representing the police and in plain clothes. With that being said I’m sure then and now evidence was walked and trampled over. Knowing both families may the truth come out and peace be found — Laryssa W.

• I met a few of these people when my father-in-law died. They were quite mean and quite rude. Glad I never had to see any of them again — Charlene L.

• I know whoever did this

is a hard-hearted, cold-blooded killer and I hope that they suffer every bit as much as he did. I can’t believe anyone could be that cruel. I hope at some point all doubts are gone and we know the truth and Ebbie’s soul can rest in peace — Jeanie C.

• I enjoyed seeing journalists Samantha Perry and Charles Owens on national television. They did a nice job — Mark B.

• I did — Jason L.

• i did — Becky H.

• Very interesting. Brought back memories of a town where everybody knows everybody. Hopefully the correct justice was served — Lisa B.

On a story about the continued controversy over when Halloween will be observed in Mercer County.

• Finally a victory for common sense over religious tyranny. I reiterate my original point, those who go to church aren’t taking their kids trick or treating. Or at least they shouldn’t be, ya know the devil’s birthday and all, so there really isn’t a problem here. They just wanted to ruin everyone’s fun, because they have religious issues with this particular holiday — Jospeh L.

• A possible solution is for them is to form a committee to study it and develop a solution that will appease the churches while denying the children the opportunity to gobble bags of candy. Wait, now we have upset the dentists who look forward to filling all those cavities caused by all that candy. What is the answer? You guessed it — form another committee to develop another solution that will disrupt what should have been a simple solution all along. Don’t change the date and let the parents decide — church or candy!

• My only concern with it being on the 31st is the amount of traffic there will be on a church night — Sissy C.

• All drivers should know to look out for the kids. This holiday has been on the 31st of October for more years than anyone driving has been alive. It didn’t matter when I was a kid what day of the week it fell on. Why should it matter now? — Kelly C.

• This is the pressing issue the County Commission is spending their time on? I think it’s time we send these people a message and vote out every last one of these ineffective sloths — Joe H.

• Boo :( — Amanda T.

• When you don’t have the ability to do anything about the big problems, you concentrate on resolving the small ones and, in most cases, making a complete mess of it! — Bill S.

On a poll question asking what is the best road to travel to view fall foliage in the region?

•77 Southbound — Melissa R.

• Route 20. To to the Pipestem State Park for a good view — Dale H.