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October 22, 2012

Politics, winter predictions, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about political ads on television, and whether there are so many they are counter productive:

• It’s disgusting that there are so many people out of work and struggling to survive yet these politicians can spend hundreds of millions on a campaign — Samuel B.

• I mentally tune them out — Don Z.

• We can’t rely on the ads to make our choice, we have to research! I have seen ads back-to-back of candidates accusing each other of the same thing! They attack their opponent rather than promote themselves — Dave H.

On another story about political ads blitzing viewers and risking voter turnoff, and whether you are tired of the ads:

• Just tired of Obama and his lies — Drew F.

• Some of those ads are funny — Dave H.

• After hammering home his staunch conservative views during the Republican primaries Mitt Romney is suddenly moderate, shifting his position more and more to the left. He was either lying then, or he’s lying now. Regardless, he’s compromising his beliefs to woo voters — Jamie L.

• I agree with Jamie — Alice A.

• Too much mudslinging now to know who is lying and who is telling the truth — Minnie W.

On a story about what meteorologists are predicting for winter:

• I learned absolutely nothing from that article. It might be cold, it might not. Well, duh — Laura C.

• The predictions I’ve seen are for a very snowy winter on the east coast, including West Virginia — Becky C.

• I’ve seen woolly worms with black on each end and brown in the middle, but yesterday I saw a brown one with a black head. Not sure what it means — Jamie L.

• It means the woolly worms are as confused as the meteorologists, lol — Michelle L.

On a Lifestyles story about the spookiest places in the two Virginias:

• Ada Road and the “Faces” may fit this category also? — Brian H.

On an updated story about the 17-year-old teen who calmly called 911 after killing his mother and sister:

• Disturbing — Debbie P.

• Can you imagine how much he will cost taxpayers if he lives until he is say, 65 — housing, food, medical and attorneys’ fees. There are more like him locked up for crap like this — Wayne J.

• Should get the death penalty — Eddie R.

• Omg ... How insane is this person! That’s just crazy! — Teena S.

• This young man has issues. It is so sad this is part of what this world is coming to from the things on TV, the movies being shown and many happenings in this world today. Pray for him, for his family and, most of all, pray for his soul — Sarah O.

• Movies don’t create or instigate murder, mental illness does that. I’m sure there were warning signs that were overlooked for years. Society needs to learn more about mental illness, how to spot it, and the steps to getting it treated — Samuel B.

• What is this world coming to? I agree movies do not create killers nor does music create devil worshippers. Something was wrong with that kid before the movies — Angela G.

On whether the doping scandal surrounding Lance Armstrong will hurt his cancer-fighting charity:

• I think the doping is so common that it is really a non-issue and would not affect the charity anyway — Dave H.

On a story about some communities bucking the Mercer County Commission’s decision to move the trick-or-treat date to Oct. 30:

• They have moved it before for other reasons also — Minnie W.

• We should be proud of the county commissioners! With all the problems the county faces, they drew a line in the sand and stood their ground against the threat of trick or treating distracting families from attending church — Bill S.

On the newspapers endorsement in Virginia’s U.S. Senate race:

• Pleased that the paper is endorsing George Allen! Thank you — Jerri H.

On a poll question, and results, asking who won the second presidential debate (Obama 28 percent, Romney 64 percent, undecided 8 percent):

• President Obama carried the night — Mike Z.

• Both lost track of the questions given to them — Chrissy C.

• Was this poll taken at Romney headquarters? — Frank H.