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November 11, 2013

Bills, Internet, movies, more

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On how much the government should pay for inmate health care:

• Nothin’! — Stephanie J.

• ... I am tired of those committing crimes having more rights and money than those who work for a living ... Bev O.

• Capital punishment will fix our problem! — Madison O.

• If they get sick [we] have to take care of them, after all we are not barbarians — Dave H.

On a poll question asking who should be blamed for the glitch-filled Affordable Care Act website rollout:

• I think people are all up in the air about nothing, good things take time — Linda B.

• How about putting some blame on the software company that developed the software? ... — Greg H.

• The real blame is on Obama and the 100 percent of Democrats that voted for this big fiasco in the first place! — Jim K.

On a poll question asking what is your greatest monthly expense:

• Children! — Donna M.

• Insurance — Vickie D.

• Cable TV — Barbara S.

• Rent — Autumn G.

• Groceries. They cost more than my house payment or car payment! — Tammy E.

• Truck — Delta F.

• Car payment! — Melissa K.

• Groceries — Lawanda O.

• Vehicles! — Sarah P.

• Vehicle gasoline! — Scott B.

• Yes, gassing my car — Brian W.

• House payment — Michael R.

• Vehicles — Betty F.

• Food. Every week you go shopping, food items have increased! — Karen C.

• Groceries — TréLyn C.

• Gas for vehicle, it is drinking it like water — Helen C.

On a story about a plea hearing being scheduled for a former PikeView teacher accused of sex crimes:

• Sick (expletive deleted)! — Wayne J.

• No pleas for sex crimes! — Don H.

• It is sad, we have sent our children to a place we believed to be safe of these and other crimes — certainly, from crimes at the hands of those who are there to protect them. The penalty of the crime, in my opinion, needs to be reconsidered to a much longer sentence. It makes me wonder. How many students haven’t come forth? Scum is what he is. Scum! — Samantha W.

• Plea bargains, plea bargains — that is all that office knows how to do! There should be no plea bargains if you break the law! If you do the crime then you need to pay the whole time! We need new officials in Mercer County — they are a joke! The male judges or prosecuting attorney doesn’t care what happens to children or females! — Delta F.

• Deserves the max — Pamela D.

• There should be no plea deals with people who are this sick. That’s the problem with this country. These pedophiles get slapped on the hand and set back out on the streets and they have people in prisons who have not harmed anyone, except maybe themselves, who have been caught with pot and they keep them in there — Elaine H.

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