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October 21, 2013

Bullies, curses, condiments, more


— — On a man being charged with downloading child erotica from a public library in McDowell County:

• Lord what is wrong with people? I hope they put him behind bars for the rest of his life! — Mandy B.

• Wow ... Just, wow — Angel C.

• What is the matter with people! — Lawanda O.

• This is awful, it really is, but why don’t you ever hear about them busting the worthless humanity that’s putting it out there? — Anthony H.

On a story about neighbors complaining that a Halloween display at a Richmond home is too gruesome:

• That does not sound gross, gory or even overly gruesome to me — Dave H.

• If you don’t like something, like a movie, book or in this case a holiday lawn decoration, all you have to do is don’t look at it, don’t read it, don’t see it, etc.! — Bill S.

On a poll question asking if city officials should be required to live within the municipal limits of the locality they serve:

• Yes — Rick T.

• Absolutely yes — Charlene L.

• Yes I think that they should, other wise how will they ever know what is going on in the area where they are working — Renea H.

• Definitely. The elected officials should have to live with the decisions they make affecting them, as well as the citizens they serve — Kelli P.

• Yes — Melanie W.

On a story about a 74-year old rape victim confronting her attacker — a McDowell County native — in court:

• If he murdered two other women in addition to abducting his ex girlfriend and other sexual crimes, he should have already been in prison! What a shame and an outrage that nothing more severe had been done to him before to prevent situations such as this — Traci S.

• I don’t know who made deals with this sicko before but they should be ashamed — this piece of dirt should have been in jail long ago! — Lisa B.

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