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October 21, 2013

Bullies, curses, condiments, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a crack cocaine bust in Welch:

• The only problem with all of this is that they are let right back out! — Wilma R.

• In McDowell and the southern coalfields, this is just the tip of the iceberg! — Jim K.

• Wonder when in the hell they will decide to do something about the drugs and murderers here in Panther? — Anita H.

• Sad — Jessi B.

On a poll question asking about your favorite scary movie:

• “Silver Bullet” — Debra C.

• “Silent Hill” — Sharon C.

• “Ghost Story” (with Fred Astaire) — Linda M.

• C-SPAN — Charles P.

On two girls being arrested in Florida for bullying a 12-year-old who killed herself:

• They are sick and it’s murder pure and simple. They will only get worse as they get older! — Dave H.

• It’s about time action is taken in matters like this — Heather B.

• At what point are we going to realize that bulling is a part of life, and no matter how hard we try to crack down on those who may drive weak individuals to take their lives we are never going to stop it because kids at their very heart are evil little twerps who will eat you alive if you allow them to... — Joseph L.

• It’s time we teach the bullies that they will pay the price for being a bully ... — Shirley M.

• Until bullies are charged with assault and also manslaughter if their victim kills themselves, bullies will continue to think they are too powerful to take down ... — Karen S.

• I think they should be charged with murder, they are nothing but brats — Anita H.

• Read where the authorities are considering charging the parents — good Idea! — Bill S.

On a fortuneteller being investigated by police for offering to remove curses:

• That’s crazy! — Jeannie D.

• A guy paid over $16,000? Lol — Dave H.

On a man being charged with downloading child erotica from a public library in McDowell County:

• Lord what is wrong with people? I hope they put him behind bars for the rest of his life! — Mandy B.

• Wow ... Just, wow — Angel C.

• What is the matter with people! — Lawanda O.

• This is awful, it really is, but why don’t you ever hear about them busting the worthless humanity that’s putting it out there? — Anthony H.

On a story about neighbors complaining that a Halloween display at a Richmond home is too gruesome:

• That does not sound gross, gory or even overly gruesome to me — Dave H.

• If you don’t like something, like a movie, book or in this case a holiday lawn decoration, all you have to do is don’t look at it, don’t read it, don’t see it, etc.! — Bill S.

On a poll question asking if city officials should be required to live within the municipal limits of the locality they serve:

• Yes — Rick T.

• Absolutely yes — Charlene L.

• Yes I think that they should, other wise how will they ever know what is going on in the area where they are working — Renea H.

• Definitely. The elected officials should have to live with the decisions they make affecting them, as well as the citizens they serve — Kelli P.

• Yes — Melanie W.

On a story about a 74-year old rape victim confronting her attacker — a McDowell County native — in court:

• If he murdered two other women in addition to abducting his ex girlfriend and other sexual crimes, he should have already been in prison! What a shame and an outrage that nothing more severe had been done to him before to prevent situations such as this — Traci S.

• I don’t know who made deals with this sicko before but they should be ashamed — this piece of dirt should have been in jail long ago! — Lisa B.

On a story about salsa overtaking ketchup as America’s No. 1 condiment, and your favorite condiment:

• Ketchup — Mabel C.

• Bacon — Charles P.

• I like to mix ranch salad dressing with marinara sauce or salsa. Try it — very good! — Donna G.

On a story about a court appearance for the Pizza Plus double murder suspect:

• He needs to be put under the jail — Chris G.

On a story about a father and son arrested for metal theft in McDowell County:

• If people who steal metal would spend that much time getting a job, they wouldn’t have to steal. Nobody likes a thief, oh, wait, guess his girlfriend who was the driver does! — Donna M.