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September 23, 2013

Drugs, guns, shooting, more


— — On if you think the Navy Yard shooting will spur gun control:

• I’d say it probably will. Why, you ask? Because people in this country are morons, that’s why — Seth T.

• Well, let’s look at the facts. All of these mass shootings happen in gun-free zones. The CDC found that as gun sales rise, crime rates go down, despite what the Kool-Aid drinking Obamaphiles claim ...— Scott H.

• No, nothing will change and the loopholes will continue ... — Dave H.

• This is a criminal’s favorite conversation — Paul D.

• Funny that you have to be trained and take a test to prove that you can drive a car, but anyone can go buy a gun — Terry H.

On Starbucks announcing guns unwelcome:

• Mistake! — Pat V.

• Do police have to leave firearms in their cruiser? — Jenni G.

• I guess Americans can enjoy a different kind of coffee — Alma H.

• Concealed carry folks! They don’t want the big assault rifles mucking up the place — Dave H.

On a federal appeals court saying that clicking “Like” on Facebook is constitutionally protected free speech:

• Knowing this will let me sleep a little better tonight — Jerry W.

• It’s the “don’t like” button that is unconstitutional ;) Rich O.

• That’s so inane it’s funny! — Michael S.

On a new scam in Tazewell County:

• People like that need to be locked up ... smh — Kim J.

• Wow. Targeting the elderly is disgusting. Hope these people are caught before they hurt someone — Chandra S.

On if you would let your child compete in beauty pageants:

• No, no, no! — Delta F.

• I think the glitz pageants for little girls are too much but they aren’t all bad — Melissa F.

On the results of a poll question asking if you have health insurance (Yes , 88 percent; No 12 percent):

• After Obamacare is up and running you can flip flop these numbers — David D.

• No, because I have lupus, my husband has a hereditary heart condition and no one gives a damn about sick people, especially rich people! — Diana K.

On shots being fired at several Bluefield homes:

• That’s horrible — Sherry S.

• Wow — Mitzi B.

• What a shame that the town that I grew up in has come to this. It’s not the same going back home anymore — Ellen A.

• Bluefield is not the same place that I grew up in — Chrissy C.

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