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September 23, 2013

Drugs, guns, shooting, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On Samantha Perry’s column on the government’s enabling of the drug epidemic:

• So let’s blame the government for enabling the drug problem ... let’s not place blame on the legal and illegal drug dealers we have in the community ... — Samuel B.

• The more dependent upon government for your very existence you are, the easier you are to control by that same government. Government isn’t going to relinquish that control by actually attempting to fix the problem ... — Joseph L.

• The U.S. and West Virginia governments allowed pharmaceutical companies to exploit its citizens, that’s the real issue here. Ban OxyContin back in 1999 and this area wouldn’t be as strung out as it is ... — Steven R.

• This was an odd article filled with inaccuracies. Both rich and poor take drugs, only the poor are demonized for their addiction because of misinformation on their use of government assistance ... — Joe H.

• Great article Samantha — Charlie S.

• For the most part, I do agree with Ms. Perry. You can go into a store and watch the buggies get filled up with cuts of meat I can’t afford, and every kind of junk, soda, ice cream, candy, chips etc. ... — Shirley M.

• You really cannot tell who receives government assistance or is addicted to drugs based upon appearance or by how someone shops — Michelle B.

On local bridges you think are unsafe:

• Panther bridge ... — Anita H.

• The overhead bridge in Princeton. That thing will end up falling, mark my words — Luke N.

On if you watch reality TV shows:

• Reality television illustrates the decline of America — Susan P.

• We don’t watch those “reality” shows — Dave H.

• Reality shows are the modern day version of the old carnival “freak shows” — Donna G.

• No. I don’t watch any of those so-called reality shows, they disgust me — Kathy B.

On if you think the Navy Yard shooting will spur gun control:

• I’d say it probably will. Why, you ask? Because people in this country are morons, that’s why — Seth T.

• Well, let’s look at the facts. All of these mass shootings happen in gun-free zones. The CDC found that as gun sales rise, crime rates go down, despite what the Kool-Aid drinking Obamaphiles claim ...— Scott H.

• No, nothing will change and the loopholes will continue ... — Dave H.

• This is a criminal’s favorite conversation — Paul D.

• Funny that you have to be trained and take a test to prove that you can drive a car, but anyone can go buy a gun — Terry H.

On Starbucks announcing guns unwelcome:

• Mistake! — Pat V.

• Do police have to leave firearms in their cruiser? — Jenni G.

• I guess Americans can enjoy a different kind of coffee — Alma H.

• Concealed carry folks! They don’t want the big assault rifles mucking up the place — Dave H.

On a federal appeals court saying that clicking “Like” on Facebook is constitutionally protected free speech:

• Knowing this will let me sleep a little better tonight — Jerry W.

• It’s the “don’t like” button that is unconstitutional ;) Rich O.

• That’s so inane it’s funny! — Michael S.

On a new scam in Tazewell County:

• People like that need to be locked up ... smh — Kim J.

• Wow. Targeting the elderly is disgusting. Hope these people are caught before they hurt someone — Chandra S.

On if you would let your child compete in beauty pageants:

• No, no, no! — Delta F.

• I think the glitz pageants for little girls are too much but they aren’t all bad — Melissa F.

On the results of a poll question asking if you have health insurance (Yes , 88 percent; No 12 percent):

• After Obamacare is up and running you can flip flop these numbers — David D.

• No, because I have lupus, my husband has a hereditary heart condition and no one gives a damn about sick people, especially rich people! — Diana K.

On shots being fired at several Bluefield homes:

• That’s horrible — Sherry S.

• Wow — Mitzi B.

• What a shame that the town that I grew up in has come to this. It’s not the same going back home anymore — Ellen A.

• Bluefield is not the same place that I grew up in — Chrissy C.