Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

April 1, 2013

Money, marijuana, murder, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a Mercer DMV employee charged with embezzlement:

• I don’t know how they had time to embezzle, they spend all their time at work insulting the public — Kathy L.

• I’ll have to agree with Kathy ... they are not very nice down there — Diane H.

• ... Way to go West Virginia State Police — Michelle L.

• ... Hope she’s got all of her I.D. in order — Deb C.

On a story about a Dominican immigrant recently winning the $338 million Powerball jackpot, and what you would do with that much money:

• I’d leave this cold and snow forever! — Pam B.

• Open a bank account in Hawaii — Raymond G.

• Buy an island to live on — away from politics — Eva B.

• After paying off my debts and building a remote hideaway, I’d fund a couple of animal rescue organizations — Kathy L.

• Spend it! — Robert B.

On a story about a medical marijuana use bill getting a first-ever hearing in West Virginia:

• It will be another 10 years before it passes the Senate — Derek Z.

• This is all West Virginia needs. The drug problem is bad enough. Just open your eyes! — Tina S.

On a man who was awarded $8,000 after a breakdown of Disneyland’s “Small World” attraction:

• So he suffers from panic attacks and he went on a ride like that? — Chrissy C.

• This is an example of what’s wrong with this world. His lawyer owes Disney a big apology — Michael R.

• Pathetic — Heather P.

• During our 2010 trip, we were stuck on Splash Mountain, in one spot, for well over an hour. My kids and I sat there in the car, telling jokes, making small talk with the people behind us and in front of us, taking pictures, and enjoying ourselves. No big deal. Stuff happens — Neal V.

On a poll question asking if you will attend a church or religious service on Easter Sunday:

• Everybody should — Glen H.

• Our local churches offer all kinds of Easter services, from sunrise service, to breakfast services, to evening services. Everyone can find a time that suits their schedule so they can worship God for sending His Son to die for our sins — Rob B.

• Yes! — Sandy L.

• We shouldn’t just think about Christ’s death and resurrection on Easter, but every day! Yes, I will be there! — Sue H.

• No, it’s a work day — Sue D.

• Yes, not only then but every Sunday — Sherry B.

On the House approving a measure that would make not wearing a seatbelt a primary offense in West Virginia:

• Big Brother, just another set up for $$$ — Karen D.

• Money grab! I’m getting out of West Virginia, going to a non-tax state, like Tennessee. This is crazy, all the taxes and such! Would the last one who leaves turn out the lights ... — Drew F.

• Wearing a seatbelt won’t kill you ... but not wearing one might — Jamie L.

• I thought that was already the law! I wear mine everywhere I go — April B.

• Just what we need is some overbearing nanny state telling us to be safe or put us in time out — Derek Z.

On a poll question asking about your favorite Easter tradition:

• Sitting down with family and having Easter dinner — Angel H.

• Having my family here, and also my grand kids — Mabel C.

• Going to church and celebrating Jesus’ resurrection — Sherry B.

• Going to a Resurrection Day celebration, then a nice meal with family — Karen S.

On a story about a fatal shooting in Mercer County that was prompted by a squabble over text messages:

• That is so crazy — Kim J.

• Unbelievable, what in the world is becoming of us? — Robert B.

• Such minimal regard for human life our society has today. Saddens and frightens me a great deal. What are we creating for and teaching our most precious legacy, our children? — Rhoeda S.

• In a matter of seconds multiple lives have been ruined forever and for what? We need to get back to the basics of letting kids be kids. It just shows that not only do our children not know how to communicate effectively but nor do most parents :’( Lyn C.

• This is so sad. See how evil the technology today is. Makes no sense how stupid people act over text messages and he-said, she-said garbage. People need a reality check because apparently they think living a soap opera life is what it’s all about today. That is a big negative. People need to wake up and realize what matters in the world today and it sure is not technology. What are you going to do when it all goes down one day and there are no more cell phones or Facebook or Internet? Because it is promised to happen one day — Heather B.