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April 1, 2013

Money, marijuana, murder, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a Mercer DMV employee charged with embezzlement:

• I don’t know how they had time to embezzle, they spend all their time at work insulting the public — Kathy L.

• I’ll have to agree with Kathy ... they are not very nice down there — Diane H.

• ... Way to go West Virginia State Police — Michelle L.

• ... Hope she’s got all of her I.D. in order — Deb C.

On a story about a Dominican immigrant recently winning the $338 million Powerball jackpot, and what you would do with that much money:

• I’d leave this cold and snow forever! — Pam B.

• Open a bank account in Hawaii — Raymond G.

• Buy an island to live on — away from politics — Eva B.

• After paying off my debts and building a remote hideaway, I’d fund a couple of animal rescue organizations — Kathy L.

• Spend it! — Robert B.

On a story about a medical marijuana use bill getting a first-ever hearing in West Virginia:

• It will be another 10 years before it passes the Senate — Derek Z.

• This is all West Virginia needs. The drug problem is bad enough. Just open your eyes! — Tina S.

On a man who was awarded $8,000 after a breakdown of Disneyland’s “Small World” attraction:

• So he suffers from panic attacks and he went on a ride like that? — Chrissy C.

• This is an example of what’s wrong with this world. His lawyer owes Disney a big apology — Michael R.

• Pathetic — Heather P.

• During our 2010 trip, we were stuck on Splash Mountain, in one spot, for well over an hour. My kids and I sat there in the car, telling jokes, making small talk with the people behind us and in front of us, taking pictures, and enjoying ourselves. No big deal. Stuff happens — Neal V.

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