Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

November 19, 2012

Climate change, Black Friday, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a woman who drove on a sidewalk being sentenced to holding an “idiot” sign:

• She should have gotten jail time and a month of carrying that sign with her name as the “idiot.” What would she have gotten if someone had darted on the sidewalk and were killed? — Shirley M.

On a question asking whether “Frankenstorm” and Sandy are proof of climate change:

• Climate change is a fact. We can debate whether we humans are causing it or exacerbating its effects all day, and nobody’s minds will be changed. But denying that it is happening (regardless of cause) is an example of willful ignorance — Jeremy C.

• To say that the earth’s climate changes is like saying the sky is blue. To say that man is causing the change is a fairy tale. P.S. Hurricanes existed before Al Gore invented global warming. — Harry R.

• The weather is cyclical. Same type in 1950’s — Sherry K.

• I would only add that their denial of man-made climate change is simply ignorant. To ignore the fact that seven million people use fossil fuels to heat their homes, fuel their automobiles and run their factories and power plants is typical of right-wingers who have never found a profitable poison they couldn’t support. With all of their empty talk of wanting their children to be free of our financial debts (you know, the ones the right wing created by giving tax breaks to the wealthy and enthralling the American people with xenophobic lies to get their support for illegal wars) they have absolutely zero concerns about those children living in an uninhabitable world. Ignorance, thy name is conservatism. — Jonathan S.

•  There is a Youtube video showing some kind of chemical dumping on the actual storm radar, which looks like the beginning of the storm. Then it follows heavy trails up the coast. So maybe the storm was man-made. Funny it happened right at election time — Mike F.

• We are approaching that point in climate change research when the evidence is so overwhelming that the most skeptic nuts will have no choice but to concede to science — Bill M.

•  There was a really good documentary that explained how we have affected climate change. It was by Tom Brokaw (I believe it was) the History Channel — Dave H.

• The Lord God controls the weather. He is just trying to get our attention — Jeanne L.

• Regardless of whether you believe in climate change or not all the things that are regulated are proven to be bad for all life forms so it is a mute argument — Joshua H.

On a story about West Virginia official wanting answers for the sheriff’s amendment failure:

•Or maybe, just maybe, some crazy people think that term limits are totally OK. Nah, they must have just hit the wrong button — Harry R.

• How many even knew what it was about? — Dave H.

On a poll question asking with more retailers opening their doors early this year, will you go “Black Friday” shopping on Thanksgiving evening?

• Absolutely not! Shopping is not an after-dinner entertainment. Give store employees a break and find something productive to occupy your free time — Marla A.

• No — Pat F.

• No — Stephanie B.

On a story about a big drug bust in the city limits of Bluefield:

• Good job! That sounds like a giant bust — Chrissy C.

On a story about fatal drug overdoses in Western Virginia breaking a record:

• I’d like to see the numbers for West Virginia. It’s a shame and needs to brought under control somehow — Chris S.

On a story about Patriot Coal planning to stop mountaintop removal mining after being challenged by environmentalists:

• There are thousands of families who are going to be impacted by this. While signing all these agreements, perhaps a contract should include continued income for the families until they are stable enough financially and educationally to obtain a position with the same pay scale they are accustomed to receiving — Darlene B.

• About time!! Congrats!! —    ... They didn’t mention here that “The deal does not require Patriot to immediately close any mines or lay-off any workers.” —Dave H.