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January 17, 2013

Armed janitors, tolls, the flu, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week and this week:

On a story about a rural school district planning to arm a handful of its non-teaching employees with handguns this year, perhaps even janitors, and whether you think this is a good idea:

• That’s stupid, utilize our best options. Arm and hire retired state troopers and service men — those whom have shown they are capable of the job! — Jeanne L.

• I agree with retired police and military. They would do a fine job. Just imagine how many jobs that would create across America — Canaan S.

• Hello — the school system cannot even afford books for our children. Where is the money gonna come from to hire these troopers or military? — Seth A.

• This is all ridiculous. Budget cuts have taken out music and art classes. Fire instructional aides who can help teachers in overcrowded classrooms, we can’t buy new books or supplies, all kids do not get free lunch, teachers are let go due to budget cuts and a one in a million nut job comes out to create a heinous crime and everybody wants to spend school money to buy guns, take weapon classes or hire armed guards. How about we use a little bit of money for better security systems and locks in the doors, alarms and cameras. How about we better train staff on emergencies and train them to keep their classroom doors locked and closed at all times as they should. Use some common sense. Our kids go to school to learn in a safe environment not be scared to death of looking at armed guards and guns all day. We are not dreaming Russia or China or some crazy war torn country. Being scared could make

kids want to stay home or become sick from worry. Start out with common sense plans — Stephanie D.

• Good idea — Danny L.

• You have janitors already there, why not? — Debbie R.

• I think it’s a great idea —   Annette P.

• Great idea as long as they make sure the person they are arming won’t become a chicken and run the other way or a hot head — Jean J.

• Yea ... I really want an armed janitor around my child — Leah P.

• I think teachers and principals, and anyone in the school, should have background checks and then be given concealed weapon permits. That criminal shooting crap would then stop. Plus put in a metal detector at entrances. Better yet all law abiding Americans need a concealed weapons permit and learn to be packin at all times. Then these criminals would be afraid to do anything to people. Jails wouldn’t be over run! — Delta F.

• Why not give guns to janitors? They already have all the keys — William Y.

On poll results of a question asking if you think the Department of Highways could successfully maintain the turnpike if tolls are removed in 2019:

• Yes — Patsy D.

• The turnpike was supposed to have the tolls removed in 1987. The only reason we still have them is because the rich have used the Turnpike to buy up Tamarack and then make the poor and middle class pay for the road to Tamarack with tolls — Joe H.

• They don’t maintain it now. The road from here to Charleston is terrible and has been that way for years. We have the worst roads of anywhere I have been — Cindy G.

• If they can’t then they in charge needs to be replaced by those who can — Jerry W.

• Wouldn’t matter either way. They don’t do nothing to the highways now — Heather C.

On a story about hospitals cracking down on workers refusing flu shots, and some workers losing their jobs over refusing the shot:

• I think it is a choice each of us are free to make. No one should lose their job for refusing something they feel will harm them — Teresa W.

• But when it comes to the welfare of others, that’s just something you’ll have to deal with or not — Isaac P.

• It is their choice, but it is also the choice of the hospital to put them in rotation or not. You can’t force them to take it, but you can leave them out of shift rotation — Samuel B.

• I don’t believe in forcing others to do something that they disagree with. Period. At the same time, working in a facility filled with that number of sick patients means that you encounter every germ coming and going. You then risk carrying those germs back to families and friends and starting a huge mess of illness — Jessica A.