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January 10, 2013

Crows, ‘bad kid,’ barking dogs, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On a story about a mega roost of crows returning to Bluefield, and whether you’ve seen these flocks around the area:

• Pellet gun fun anyone? — Petey P.

• What is a “mega-roost?” It’s called a murder of crows ... and I adore them! I know many of you will write about how much you hate them — but that is just your normal American fear of all natural life. Not to worry, though — the crows will be here for a while and then pass on to their next destination — Jonathan S.

• Yes, they are near downtown Bluefield, Va., every morning and are very loud! — Jinger M.

• They have come to pick over the carcass of the city ... nothing grows there anymore — Nissa K.

• Commerce Drive is full of them! — Misty S.

• Seen them twice downtown between the fire department and Grants. It’s eerie but awesome — Neil S.

• A bunch of them have been in my neighborhood, Gardner Mobile Home Estates, off of Cornbread Ridge, for several months and they know what day is trash pick-up day! Those who don’t put their garbage in a can with a lid will find a mess in their yard because the crows like to pick through the trash! — Karen S.

• Karen nailed it — mandate covered garbage cans — Billie C.

On a story about a parent saying a teacher put her son in “bad kid” box, and if you think this is fair punishment or over-the-top:

• Completely unacceptable! — Stephanie B.

• Are kids not supposed to get punished at all in school? They took out paddling, when a kid gets suspended it’s just a vacation for most kids, so what is a teacher or principal supposed to do? — Amanda S.

• Gotta do something, they have taken everything else away to make them behave — Madison O.

• If the child’s behavior was so bad that it warranted punishment then they should have called the parents and not taken it upon themselves to embarrass that child in front of their peers. I have an extreme dislike for people that feel the need to embarrass others in public. You would not want it done to you! — Tranessa L.

On poll results to a question asking how often you exercise (48 percent responded “never”):

• Hey look! Forty-eight percent of people were honest! Bravo! — Joe H.

On a story about prison overcrowding, and what you think is the best way to solve the problem:

• Capital punishment! — Darlene F.

• Strike down mandatory minimum sentencing, offer reasonable parole options and conditions for non-violent criminals, present drug treatment solutions for people jailed simply because they are addicts, evaluate sentences on a case-by-case basis, explore the option of home confinement for non-violent prisoners who are not a threat and issue an incentive based model of conditional release for prisoners who obviously show signs of reform — Neal V.

• Death penalty! — Matthew B.

• There is no easy way, there are no fast ways — there is teach, inform and regroup ... there is no way to completely change any of it unless you implement and enforce reform — Carly M.

• State mental hospitals, state drug rehabs, non-violent criminals on house arrest with ankle bracelets — Bridgett J.

• Stop throwing so many non-violent criminals in prison. The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate of any civilized country. The New York Times had an article in June about sensible sentences for nonviolent offenders. It’s worth a read — Matt H.

On a story about a proposed barking dog ordinance in Tazewell County:

• Really? You don’t want my dog to bark but your cat can walk on my car and truck with its muddy feet scratching them, and tear up our trash, and dig up flower beds and they do nothing about them. Ever think it’s your cat running loose that’s making our dogs bark? I really think there are more important things we need to take care of and other stuff that needs looked at in our community ... — Scott B.

• Most of the time a barking dog is all we have against crooks. Good idea to punish the owner, way to go! — Kristie S.