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January 9, 2013

Stores, restaurants: What readers want

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On a story about Target and Home Depot eyeing sites in the Princeton area, and what new stores or restaurants would you like to see in our region:

• Target, Home Depot, Red Lobster and Olive Garden — Tabitha F.

• Home Depot would be good. Lowe’s needs competition! I read of things that are going to be built here but they don’t happen. Read that Denny’s, IHOP, Olive Garden were coming. I wouldn’t mind a Cheddar’s — Kathy L.

• Red lobster and Olive Garden ... Red Robin — Angela G.

• Definitely a Target! — Angie G.

• Steak Escape ... Books-A-Million! — Bridgett J.

• Would love to have a Golden Corral ... — Susie P.

• Target would be best, Home Depot would be nice but my most wanted store would be CompUSA or Costco ... — Joe H.

• Home Depot, Golden Corral, IHOP! — Pam B.

• Buffalo Wild Wings would kill since we don’t have a legit wing bar and grill — Irene C.

• Target and Ichiban! — Susan M.

• Target an Home Depot! We’ve heard all this before an it never happens — Jessica M.

• Target and Olive Garden — Jessica P.

• I would love to see a Build A Bear or Toys “R” Us for Mercer Mall because my kids loved those kinds of stores — Kelly B.

• Olive Garden — Debbie M.

• Cheddar’s — Regina H.

• Target, Barnes & Noble, Bojangles — Yvette P.

• IHOP, Ruby Tuesdays — Sherry B.

• Fuddruckers, Olive Garden, Target — Cheryl D.

• Red Lobster — Sharon B.

• Red Lobster won’t ever be in this area, at least not anytime in the near future. They require a good-size airport for the areas that they go into in order to ship the freshest possible seafood. Mercer County airport is not large enough and bigger airports are too far away to use for a Princeton or Bluefield location — Heather G.

• Target, Books a Million, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshalls, Melting Pot — Kandi S.

• Lifeway Bible bookstore! Target, Books-A-Million, Sam’s, Michaels — no more food places, we need more stores! — Becky M.

• Yay! Yes! A Target, a great book store, Christian book store, a health food store, Dicks, Lane Bryant, Best Buy, Pet Smart, Ulta, Chipotle, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Coldstone, a good scrub uniform store with good selection! — Misty D.

• Forget the restaurants, we need a daggone movie theater, for goodness sake! — Linda M.

• IKEA! — Misty D.

• Nice movie theater, Target, Golden Corral, Best Buy, Hobby Lobby — Debbie P.

• Olive Garden! Would like to see CiCi’s pizza back. They are cheap! And a big book store, too. — Alicia Jenkins P.

• Golden Corral — Marcina L.

• While these stores will bring jobs to the local area, what we could also use is industry in this area to bring good and decent-paying jobs. We need to make things here in America not ship them in from over seas — Rick R.

• I have heard this so many times ... like the development at Leatherwood. Corporations tend to like to “look” at the area but the tax incentives are apparently not enticing enough in the area to actually make them build. Sad — Shan C.

• Target and Home Depot — Madison O.

• Yes, pleeeeaaaaasssseeee come in so we will have somewhere to shop. Either store would be great but being a lady I would prefer Target. We have Lowe’s in both the Bluefield, Princeton area and I would say with the economy as it is now, not many people are building or remodeling ... People are always going to need clothes, household goods, and all the great things that Target carries — Janet T.

• I want both stores! But if I had to choose, definitely Target! — Allysha G.

• Love to see development in southern West Virginia. Love West Virginia — Linda C.

• A Michaels would be nice, too ... definitely need a craft store ... Misty Q.

• David’s Bridal — Misty D.

• Toys “R” Us — Heather S.

• I am not against development. However, if a big box store was put off of Exit 14 I would hope they would be more earth friendly. There are many full, functional farms nearby that would be impacted by the pollution. There are so many ways big box stores can go right but there are also many ways it can go wrong — Elise B.

• And Exit 1 in Bluefield remains empty... — Michael W.

• You guys must live in the freaking woods. LOL. I have all those stores within a mile of me — Robert B.

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