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July 1, 2013

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— On a nude motorcyclist in Oklahoma:

• He wasn’t hurting anyone, they should have just left him alone. If they didn’t want to see his nakedness they wouldn’t have had to look. Back when the Olympic games first started in Greece, all the Olympians competed in the nude, now you can’t even ride a motorcycle unless you are covered. And what about some parents letting their little kids run around in the yard naked? That’s just asking for trouble! — John W.

On an accident at the intersection of Route 52 and Airport Road:

• They’ve needed an arrow on the light there forever. This spot is bad for wrecks. Hope everyone’s OK, even though their day sucks right now — Sarah K.

• There really needs to be turn signal lights at the intersection. People are always running the red light trying to turn off onto Airport Road — Petey P.

• It’s a very busy intersection, needs something done, but of course if you’re going to run a red light and on a wet road, well, I don’t think nothing will help stupid — Donna M.

• This is just like the horrid turn we had in Montcalm, something needed to be done but nothing ever was done until we lost two wonderful young ladies on that turn and then suddenly everything springs into action. It shouldn’t be like this, that a common-sense solution requires deaths for the state to act. Put up a simple turn arrow on that light, it’s needed one for my entire life and it’s caused countless accidents. Don’t wait for two more young people with great potential to lose their life because it might take a few cents away from the politician’s steal funds — Joe H.

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