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July 1, 2013

Schools, shelter, movies, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On your favorite school lunch:

• Pigs in a blanket and spaghetti at EJHS — Marie D.

• Anything the cooks actually made ... not already frozen from the high-fat stores. Today, they only heat up the frozen food and that is just not healthy — Bev O.

• Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches — Mary Liz H.

• Strawberry shortcake day. No student from Montcalm Elementary in the 1970s would disagree — Joe H.

On schools cuts in Tazewell County and how schools should tighten their belts:

• I don’t get why we allow cuts to the most important programs. While we are cutting funds for education and taking away people’s rights, we are funding prisons and protecting their rights. SMH. America and her priorities — Melissa F.

• If they cut anymore our kids are gonna be screwed. Last year they lost behind the wheel. The state focuses so much on SOL scores that these kids don’t know the real stuff. I’ve seen so many leave school that can’t spell or write in cursive let alone print better than a first grader. Then adding more junk classes instead of focusing on things like math, English, reading and science. The basics — Jamie L.

On cats facing euthanasia at the Mercer County Animal Shelter:

• If people had them spayed or neutered then there wouldn’t be this problem — Jarrod M.

• You sure they weren’t just trying to scare up a few more adoptions? — Derek Z.

• I agree with Derek. It seems to me that if they were truly trying to save these animals that during a time of crisis they would be giving them away or at least adopting them out at a reduced rate — Nicole H.

On plans for Princeton’s Mercer Street project:

• So proud! Looking to do what I can to help. — Nancy B.

On the Motion Picture Association of America fees for summer movie nights in communities like Bluefield:

• It cost them to make the movies, why should anybody get them for free unless given permission by the MPA? Why is it that a company or organization in California should be responsible for any program that is in Mercer County? I love the idea of movies in the park for free because it is an economically depressed area and I think it is good for families, but I think the people of the area should be responsible for this program, not the MPA (although it would be awesome if they would waive the fees) ... — Chris Ann G.

• ... They are well within their rights to demand this fee, and if they wanted to be real jerks they would have made it retroactive, but they didn’t I assume, and the excuse of we offered the movies for free doesn’t matter they weren’t Bluefield’s to publicly show. Other cities have been doing this for years and have sponsors so I’m sure Bluefield can do the same. Nothing’s free folks, and I won’t smack the industry in the head for demanding what is rightfully theirs — Joseph L.

•  An industry that is making billions of dollars could waive the fee for these small towns. Maybe not in Chicago, or New York, but Bluefield? Some people can’t afford to see a movie any other way. And it would give young people something to do instead of vandalism — Shirley M.

On the Obama administration targeting coal:

• Big coal has you right where they want you — in a “your money or your life position.” Many feel they have to defend big coal who just stole your hard-earned pension and health care. It is a false choice — we can have both clean jobs, a good economy and fair treatment from the boss! We just need to unite and demand it — Michelle M.

•  Change, change, change — maybe next time the ones who voted for President Obama might want to ask what kind of change — Joy M.

• Yes, just imagine all the Obama supporters in coal country who are going to be angry when they find out just how drastically it will affect them there in the Bluefield area. Wait until they get their utility bills once he has pulled this off — Edwina T.

•  How are their electric cars going to be able to go without electricity (coal)? Hmm, I wonder if they have thought about that. — Gena M.

On a nude motorcyclist in Oklahoma:

• He wasn’t hurting anyone, they should have just left him alone. If they didn’t want to see his nakedness they wouldn’t have had to look. Back when the Olympic games first started in Greece, all the Olympians competed in the nude, now you can’t even ride a motorcycle unless you are covered. And what about some parents letting their little kids run around in the yard naked? That’s just asking for trouble! — John W.

On an accident at the intersection of Route 52 and Airport Road:

• They’ve needed an arrow on the light there forever. This spot is bad for wrecks. Hope everyone’s OK, even though their day sucks right now — Sarah K.

• There really needs to be turn signal lights at the intersection. People are always running the red light trying to turn off onto Airport Road — Petey P.

• It’s a very busy intersection, needs something done, but of course if you’re going to run a red light and on a wet road, well, I don’t think nothing will help stupid — Donna M.

• This is just like the horrid turn we had in Montcalm, something needed to be done but nothing ever was done until we lost two wonderful young ladies on that turn and then suddenly everything springs into action. It shouldn’t be like this, that a common-sense solution requires deaths for the state to act. Put up a simple turn arrow on that light, it’s needed one for my entire life and it’s caused countless accidents. Don’t wait for two more young people with great potential to lose their life because it might take a few cents away from the politician’s steal funds — Joe H.