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November 25, 2013

Traffic, guns, movies, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a question asking what is the best movie with local ties:

• There’s two — “Dirty Dancing” and “Rocket Boys” — Candida F.

• Rocket Boys ... Costner’s “Hatfields & McCoys,” “We Are Marshall.” “Matewan.” All good movies — Brian W.

• “Dirty Dancing” and “The Mothman Prophecies” — Irene C.

• If having an actor from the surrounding area counts George C. Scott was from Wise, Va. — Joseph L.

On how schools can better safeguard educators as well as students:

• It starts at home — Jamie L.

• Hold parents responsible for what their children do. I think most of the abuses will stop if we have cameras in every classroom ... — Joe H.

• It all goes back to the parents. Get off Facebook and off your phone and raise your children ... — Chrissy C.

• Start letting parents discipline their children without being afraid of being arrested ... — Jean J.

On a poll question asking how often you play the lottery:

• Never — Autumn G.

• Three to four times per week — Dustin B.

• One or two times a year — Don H.

On a story about the new green arrow signals at the U.S. Route 52 intersection in Brushfork:

• It’s about time! — Ruth L.

• Nice! :-) — Dave H.

• Finally! — Kim G.

• I’m gonna miss dodging other cars — Tyson G.

• Yippie! — Mary S.

• Finally. Thank you — Linda S.

On a new designer dog breed:

• Only rescue pups/dogs for us! — Dave H.

On a poll question asking what is the most dangerous intersection in Mercer County:

• Athens Road, Eads Mill and Pisgah Road intersection — Sissy C.

• Eads Mill Road and Mercer Springs Road when PikeView is letting out — Tim E.

• Near the Mercer Mall and the red light at Kmart in Bluefield — Bev O.

• At the top of Washington Street and 460! It really needs a red light there! — Dreama H.

• The one in front of Arrowhead Deli in Brushfork — Brian S.

• The one at Glenwood School around 7:20 a.m. — Lisa B.

On a story about a homeowner scaring off would-be thieves with a gunshot, and their arrest later by the sheriff’s department:

• Let freedom ring — and let us all keep our firearms in our own homes! — Cindy M.

• Way to go homeowner! And Mercer County deputies! Thanks! — Donna M.

• Owning a gun is like having six of your best friends in the palm of your hand — Murdy W.

• Rock must not be a “gun free” zone! Imagine the result had it been — Buford G.

• And justice is done — Betty B.

• Way to go Mercer County Sheriff’s Department. Great work! And everyone should have a gun in their house to protect themselves — Mike C.

• And the prosecuting attorney will plead it down to one charge with a 30-day sentence with time served — Bill S.

On what you think of Kmart’s new Joe Boxer commercial:

• Despicable! — Susan Y.

• I can’t say that I’m a fan of this, but it isn’t any worse than a Hardee’s or a Victoria’s Secret commercial. Maybe this is just the new blue light special! — Becky G.

• Funny ad! Lighten up. Seriously, you cannot be this uptight — Joseph H.

• I think it’s funny as hell. I love it! — Maggie B.

• I like it ... If you watch soaps, then this isn’t bad — Sissy O.

• Some of you really need to lighten the hell up. There is no violence, no nudity, no foul language, etc. ... — Maggie B.

• It appears that it’s perfectly acceptable to have women paraded around in their underwear with obvious sexual overtones but God forbid the tables get turned and the guys get subjected to some of the same treatment — Candy B.

• It is uncouth, however, it is also hilarious. I have seen much worse right here on Facebook =) — Samuel B.

• Cute! Memorable! — Kimberly S.

• Disgusting — Phyllis H.

• Really funny — Rita P.

• Thought it was stupid. Nothing really disgusting about it. Just stupid — Louetta W.

• I need to watch it another 20 or 30 times in order to make up my mind. LOL — Donna G.