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September 8, 2013

Road, brawl, weed, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about the intersection of Route 52 and Route 123, and if you consider the intersection dangerous:

• Yes, it’s a dangerous intersection. Only reason I know they won’t put a simple arrow up is it’s not in Princeton — Jenni G.

• I had a very bad accident there when I was younger! They need a turning light! — April B.

• The one at Kmart needs attention also. People coming off Route 460 stop at the Cumberland intersection. It causes a lot of confusion for some people. You constantly see other people waving stopped vehicles through right before another crashes into it! — Travis B.

• It’s the people not the intersection! Too many don’t give signals, and they run the red-light. If people paid more attention and weren’t in such a hurry, you wouldn’t have so many accidents! — Beth G.

• Sounds like (it needs) a light and slower speed limits approaching the light, as well as an unmarked police car monitoring it weekly and writing tickets — Robin S.

• Yes, it needs a turn signal both ways, but look how long and how many wrecks to get them to put up a signal light at Lorton Lick and Route 52. It’s going to take a terrible wreck before they will. Shame that they don’t come and watch the traffic flow. I have set through three red lights before I got just a chance to make a turn, then it was a chance. And to those who choose not to slow down, one of the guard rail camera would be good here! — Shirley M.

• Yes, I do. I even know someone who was killed there back around 1985 when someone hit her. Killed instantly — Karen S.

• I’m always real careful when riding my bike through there. Yea, it’s dangerous — Don H.

• Yes, I believe it is dangerous, but it doesn’t need to be. I travel through that intersection every day on my way to and from work. The speed limit isn’t the problem. Neither is speeding. A left turn signal is desperately needed in both directions on Route 52. It is not uncommon to sit through three red lights trying to turn left at certain times of the day. The Department of Highways obviously isn’t going to do anything about it until they are forced to. I guess it’s easier to blame drivers — Lansing H.

On a poll question asking what action Congress should take in regard to President Barack Obama’s request for a military strike on Syria:

• Evil is fighting evil in Syria. Taking a side makes us evil as well — David T.

• There will always be religious wars in the Middle East; we already are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan! Financially we would be in the hole even deeper while U.S. citizens are suffering. Stay out of Syria — Susie H.

• Let’s send him and our congressional idiots over there with baseball bats (since they don’t think we should have guns) and let them reason their way to peace — Robby S.

On a video of two coaches bloodied in a high school football brawl:

• This is who these young men on both teams are supposed to look up to? Shameful. They should never coach or teach again — Dale M.

• Wow! Read the article: Suzanne Harbin, president of the Board of Education, spoke with Doreen Griffeth, superintendent of the board, who witnessed the fight and concluded, “there is no need to reprimand our coaches and players, they acted with class and dignity during the situation.” Seriously? Since when does two adult opposing high school football coaches fighting show class and dignity? — Angie W.

• Sure not teaching a lesson to his players! SMH! — Tonya S.

On a story about a Tazewell business owner sentenced on drug and firearm charges:

• 102-year sentence reduced to 11? Freaking ridiculous! — Vickie S.

On a story about a West Virginia man charged with choking a 91-year-old woman with her medical alert necklace:

• Such a shame! — Brenda W.

• This is disgusting. I’m afraid of the generation who will take care of me — Yvette P.

On a story about a crook trying to rob a store clerk who was an armed Iraqi war veteran:

• Yeah, my hero. So glad there are men out there like him. Congratulations — Anita H.

On a story about the arrest of a McDowell County man on marijuana charges:

• Marijuana, huh? What a criminal — Derek Z.

• I find it disturbing that the police can raid and search private property on a single “anonymous” tip. Another way to look at it, anyone could anonymously call on you, whether or not you’re guilty of anything, and the police are going to come kick in your door. Seems rather un-American to me — Patrick S.