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August 26, 2013

Tests, traffic, moonshine, more


— — On a poll question asking what was your favorite extracurricular activity in school:

• Graduation — Luke N.

• With the consolidation of schools many children do not have a chance to participate in extracurricular activities — Debra W.

• I don’t see “partying” on the list anywhere — Donald Z.

On a poll question asking how long it takes you to get irritated by traffic and road construction:

• I get irritated seeing them working on roads that don’t need fixed — Chad E.

• Soon as I see the sign that says “road work” — Tracy T.

• When the waiting in backed-up traffic takes longer than five minutes to get moving again — Karen S.

• I use to get mad because of slow drivers in front of me. But later in life, I thought, maybe God is trying to keep me from speeding ahead and getting into a bad wreck ... — Luke N.

On a story about a marijuana and moonshine bust in McDowell County:

• I swear another waste of taxpayer dollars — Steven R.

• The revenuers are back and lookin’ for the ’shine! — Neal V.

• The money could be spent better by going after child molesters, murderers, you know, bigger and more important crimes! — Kaye L.

On who you think were our nation’s best and worst presidents:

• Don’t know about the best but the worst is Obama — Anita H.

• Obama by far the worst. Bush (both ) not far behind him. Our country will never recover from these three — Sunshine G.

• Obama’s “green” energy policies are detrimental to our area! — Kelli C.

• George Washington, best; Obama, worst — Greg B.

• Thomas Jefferson best, the Louisiana Purchase turned our nation into a powerhouse. George W. Bush is easily the worst president, no one else is within a billion miles of Bush — Joe H.

• Reagan did some good things, Clinton did too. The worst hands down is the clown in office now! — Jeff S.

• George Washington gave us our country. Obama is destroying it — Jerry W.

• Andrew Jackson, the Cherokee annihilator, is easily the worst. It’s a shame, there are enough cool stories about him to make me want to like him — Matt S.

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