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August 26, 2013

Tests, traffic, moonshine, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On whether you think Area 51 has aliens or UFOs hidden within, and if you believe there is life in outer space:

• I think it is only just a secret government testing site, I don’t think aliens are there — Angela G.

• It is the epitome of human arrogance to presume that we are the only so-called intelligent beings in the universe — Bev O.

• Well, no! Of course not. Life out there? Probably. Life “as we know it?” Doubtful. “Intelligent life?” Not intelligent enough to defy the laws of physics and travel faster than light! Not gonna happen — Garland R.

• May I add there is no intelligent life in some areas of this planet ... Kaye L.

On how you feel about standardized testing, and if it is an accurate measurement of the students’ performance:

• They are useful tools, nothing more, and certainly shouldn’t be used on their own — Jadzia N.

• We are all not alike! Why test by the same test! Duh! It only stifles our youth and gets wayyyyyyy too much emphasis — Margaret B.

• My opinion — standardized tests are worthless as indicators of subject knowledge. They merely show how well the teacher prepared the class for the test... — Jeff M.

• I hate them. I never did well because I got bored with them. I always did well with regular pop quizzes and tests and had good grades — Chrissy C.

• Standardized tests only show how well some students can take a test. Teachers with high test scores in their classroom receive the pennies, while teachers with low-testing students catch the crap — Bill S.

On your thoughts on assisted suicide:

• If I should need — or simply want — to end my life, how is that any of your business? — Jonathan S.

• Pull my plug — Steven R.

On a poll question asking what was your favorite extracurricular activity in school:

• Graduation — Luke N.

• With the consolidation of schools many children do not have a chance to participate in extracurricular activities — Debra W.

• I don’t see “partying” on the list anywhere — Donald Z.

On a poll question asking how long it takes you to get irritated by traffic and road construction:

• I get irritated seeing them working on roads that don’t need fixed — Chad E.

• Soon as I see the sign that says “road work” — Tracy T.

• When the waiting in backed-up traffic takes longer than five minutes to get moving again — Karen S.

• I use to get mad because of slow drivers in front of me. But later in life, I thought, maybe God is trying to keep me from speeding ahead and getting into a bad wreck ... — Luke N.

On a story about a marijuana and moonshine bust in McDowell County:

• I swear another waste of taxpayer dollars — Steven R.

• The revenuers are back and lookin’ for the ’shine! — Neal V.

• The money could be spent better by going after child molesters, murderers, you know, bigger and more important crimes! — Kaye L.

On who you think were our nation’s best and worst presidents:

• Don’t know about the best but the worst is Obama — Anita H.

• Obama by far the worst. Bush (both ) not far behind him. Our country will never recover from these three — Sunshine G.

• Obama’s “green” energy policies are detrimental to our area! — Kelli C.

• George Washington, best; Obama, worst — Greg B.

• Thomas Jefferson best, the Louisiana Purchase turned our nation into a powerhouse. George W. Bush is easily the worst president, no one else is within a billion miles of Bush — Joe H.

• Reagan did some good things, Clinton did too. The worst hands down is the clown in office now! — Jeff S.

• George Washington gave us our country. Obama is destroying it — Jerry W.

• Andrew Jackson, the Cherokee annihilator, is easily the worst. It’s a shame, there are enough cool stories about him to make me want to like him — Matt S.

On a poll question asking if making moonshine should be illegal:

• Even though I don’t drink or smoke marijuana they should both be legal and regulated, for tax purposes as well as safety reasons — Cindy C.

• And it should be quality tested, too. I volunteer to be a taste tester! — Donna G.

• If most people knew the unsanitary conditions most ’shine is manufactured in, they would never drink it — William P.

On a poll question asking what should be the primary new mission of NASA:

• To find intelligent life in Washington, D.C.? — Scott H.

• Shipping all politicians to Mars — Adam H.