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October 1, 2012

Science Guy debate, prayer, more

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— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about “Science Guy” Bill Nye warning about creation views threatening science.

• Nye is brilliant — Mark D.

• Science is a joke ... until it can save your life — Jamie L.

•  Idiot — Vickie B.

• Why isn’t there room for both. Look at God as the all knowing scientist and the perspective changes a little, or at least it did for me — Samuel B.

• That is not part of the debate, Samuel. The point of contention is whether or not it harmful to the science curriculum to add creationist teachings. The key point is that science works with testable ideas. The minute a hypothesis is added that cannot be tested it is no longer science. Therefore Nye is completely correct — Mark D.

• Scientists always want proof. Creationists beliefs are based on faith in the Bible to which some things have already been proven with the scientific facts that they really happened and archeologists are finding more artifacts all the time that are proving even more of what the Bible says really did happen — Karen P.

•  You stated that “science works with testable ideas, and the minute a hypothesis is added that cannot be tested, it is no longer science.” Really. Well then if that is the case, only things that can be “tested” can be proven to be facts. OK. Who decides what the “test” is and what a passing or failing grade is? The people who write papers to be published and secure grants to further their research on a particular subject, correct? Using this “cannot be tested therefore it is not science” logic, then one can conclude that the actual age of the earth, without record, can not be tested. Who has been around more than a 150 years that can conclusively verify the date something that now exists came to be and by what means? Science is supposed to deal in absolutes. The subject of the article that sparked the debate here is on the subject of “evolution.” Meaning that human beings evolved from apes and all living things came from some prehistoric goo. I challenge you to find any conclusive scientific proof that settles the argument here.  — Dale R.

On a story about a high school in West Virginia stopping prayer before football games.

• I’ll go to jail. No school system, business or any other person will stop me or my kids from praying — Greg B.

• That’s a big part of the problem in our schools today! They have removed God from the schools — Patricia S.

• There will come a time when they will be begging to talk to God — Kim P.

• Sad that there is an organization that pushes for this. Even more sad that people are too afraid to stand up against it and simply go along with it — Robin H.

• If they aren’t Christian, has a rabbi, an iman, a scientologist, a wicken, etc. led a prayer. Of course, these are Christian prayers and to say they are not is simply not saying the truth (which Christians are supposed to do). Religion needs to be taught in the home, at religious institutions and not at school. Now, having said that, I believe that this organization should not make the decision. The school administration should — Bill S.

• It is so sad that people are willing to remove God from their everyday life. However, when tragedy occurs, they always request a moment of prayer. Either God is in your life everyday or not at all — Brandi T.

On a story detailing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to banish sugary and fatty foods from both public and private hospitals.

• How stupid! — Kim P.

• What’s next? Is the government going to tell people what to wear? Or where to work? Etc. etc.... Freedom seems to be disappearing with each stupid policy — Chris S.

• Yeap our freedom is leaving slowly but surely — Eddie H.

On a story about a string of vehicle break-ins in the Buefield area.

• Yea stuff gets stolen out of your car while you are in a drug store getting meds — James C.

• And take your garage door openers out of your cars until they find these creeps — Lecia S.


On a story about reports of a looming bacon and pork shortage.

• I’ve been dealing with the economy and the sacrifices required of ordinary people...but folks, a bacon shortage is just too much to ask — Susan A.

• Ohhhh noooooo. I love pig ears — Buddy L.