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July 18, 2011

Caylee’s Law, dogs, ice cream, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On the proposed “Caylee’s Law”:

• ... no one should get away with not reporting their child missing. Wouldn’t this would be child neglect, if you neglect to notify someone that your child is missing? — April B.

• I say get “Caylee’s Law” — this country needs it for these parents who think they can wait to report their child missing — Vickie C.

• The justice system failed Caylee. I pray that Caylee’s Law will pass. R.I.P. Caylee — Debbie J.

• This is a reactionary law and it can have results that are bad that we cannot foresee so these laws should be shelved and examined later while people find another stupid story to get all hot and bothered over ... — Joe H.

• I still think they should make a law. You never know when someone is going to do this again, and we need to be prepared to deal with it — Sharon R.

• It may be rare, but if it would help one child, it would be worth it. Too bad it could not be retroactive then maybe they could find Casey guilty on something — Ruth S.

• I fear that we have become a society where we are guilty until proven innocent, where without a government stamp we are criminal. I, for one, would not jump to legislation just because less-than-truthful, overzealous “investigators/prosecutors” botched their job in Orlando. What other intrusions will be attached to this product of emotion? — Michael H.

On Bluefield’s enforcement of a barking dog ordinance:

• It’s about time. I use to live in Bluefield, Va., and barking dogs that no one would try to control were really a nuisance — Scott B.

• Bluefield has more problems than barking dogs — Tina P.

• Barking dogs are a huge problem in Bluefield. Too many people have no consideration for their neighbors, allowing their (mostly neglected) dogs to bark constantly, day and night — Andrea B.

• It has always been my position that keeping a dog from barking is like trying to keep the sun from shining, stupid — Tina S.

On what can be done to spur growth in Bluefield:

• A movie theater would be a great start especially if they had prices families could afford. Then bring a quality “dime” store back — especially with a snack bar like Kresge’s. And stop the charging for parking spaces. That’s what killed Bluefield to begin with ... — Shirley M.

On the best way to take the sting out of a sunburn:

• Dermaplast — Cynthia D.

• White vinegar — Carla C.

• Real aloe gel (not the kind with preservatives and alcohol) — Billie C.

• Can cream! The kind like you bake with or put in your coffee — Carnation or Pet or store brand. I got sunburn real bad once. I hurt so bad I couldn’t move. My dad went and got me a can of cream to rub on me. The heat clabbers the milk and draws the heat out. You won’t smell good but you sure will feel better! Thanks Dad! :) — Sharon G.

On free lemonade in Bluefield:

• Free beer would be better — Don Z.

On a poll question about your favorite ice cream flavor:

• Rocky Road — Becky A.

• Black and White Swirl Recovery! — Stephen T.

• Really, butter pecan wins. Wow — Melissa L.

• I missed the poll yesterday, but I would have voted Other: Chunky Monkey. :-) — Donella C.

On a story about a 12-year-old accused of abusing a kitten, and whether we need tougher animal cruelty laws:

• Absolutely! Too many people get dogs and don’t take care of them or protect them — Venetia G.

• I’d like to know why, if people saw this, why didn’t they stop him? And as far as the boy goes he needs help, and needs to realize what he’s done — Kelly S.

• Kids live out what they see at home. Never any excuse for this cruelty but the kid is a product of a much bigger (home) problem — Billie C.

On if you believe in ghosts:

• I haven’t seen any proof on the “Ghost Hunters” TV show — Mark F.

On whether a reduction in smoking scenes in movies will deter kids and teens from smoking:

• I really don’t want to get started on this, for I have many mixed emotions about this. There are a lot of other worse things that they show in the movies, if that was the case than there shouldn’t be any TV period! — Donna E.

• Do we really think kids smoke because of TV or movies? People are always looking for someone to blame besides themselves. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Mom or Dad, or Uncle Billy, or Aunt Betty. Kids see smoking everywhere they turn — Jamie L.