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December 30, 2013

Elves, inmates, tablets, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On whether you would allow hydraulic fracking on your land if offered the right price:

• Does a bear defecate in the woods? — Robert R.

• No way! — Dave H.

• Hell no. I value my water too much — Kaye L.

• Nope — Neal V.

• No way! Never, ever! — Danielle B.

• No, no, no — Pat D.

• No, no, no, never, never. If you want to see the desolation fracking brings take a short trip to southern Pennsylvania and talk to some landowners or farmers whose water can now be lit with a match ... — Shelia W.

On photos of the Brothers of the Wheel annual gift distribution:

• I applaud you guys for all you do. I’ll look for you every year. Thank you — Carey P.

On a story about Iceland’s hidden elves delaying road construction, and whether you believe elves or other mythical beings might exist:

• There are many things that exist that most people will never perceive — Dave H.

• No — Roger E.

• I’m sure if they do exist, by now they’ve figured out that they need to remain hidden from us, or risk being wiped out for being different — Jamie L.

• No, I do not believe elves exist — Margie K.

• I don’t believe in any mythological creatures — Karen S.

• I believe anything is possible — Alli L.

On if you give, or expect to receive, Christmas gift cards this year:

• I can’t afford gifts for everyone I care about so what I can do is let them know I love them; I send them a card. I don’t do it to expect any back but do enjoy them when I get some and I cut the front part off to use in my scrapbook pages — Karen S.

On what you think is an appropriate age for a child to have a tablet:

• It depends on the child — Neal V.

• Tablets are technology and kids learn technology faster than adults. I think any age is fine as long as the parents monitor and limit the amount of time the child uses it ... — Joe H.

• MY children are 7, 5 and 2. They all got one from Santa! Educational apps only! And to Skype with family in Seattle! They have parental locks! Timed play is the key! — Lucinda G.

• Joe is 100 percent right. In fact, I would assume that the longer they go without one, the more likely they are to have remedial skills — Samuel B.

• I agree with Neal. It all depends upon the child and how responsible they are — Stefanie B.

• All three of my children have a Nook. Ages 13, 8 and 5 — Jennifer G.

• When they can buy it themselves :) Bob R.

• 18 years — Gary H.

• My son has played with mine but he doesn’t have his own. I downloaded learning games for him — Alli L.

On if an inmate on death row has accepted his fate, should his lawyers continue to appeal his case:

• Hell no, let the bastard die! — Al C.

• I’m sick of all prisoners. If a person does something and needs to be locked up then put them to work at hard labor. We don’t need to be paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for each one of them to sit around with their fellow criminals all day exchanging criminal ideas, eating free food, using free electricity, using free water, watching free TV and living in a free cell. Put them to work and make them earn the right to a bed and food. And these death row inmates, if they did the crime and have been put on death row then execute them ... — Joe H.

• Lawyers are supposed to be servicing their clients’ wishes. If an inmate has accepted his/her fate and is mentally competent to make that decision, then the lawyers are obligated to stop... — Jeremy O.

• His wishes should be respected ... — Brian M.

• Paying their debt to society is not justice. Sitting in a cell is not justice to those who were damaged. How is it that just a few years in prison makes up for raping a child, killing a human, beating a helpless victim, drunk driving and killing people, stealing a lifetime of savings or selling drugs that destroy a human’s life...? — Bev O.

• If the prisoner is OK with it then the lawyer should do as his client pleases — Alli L.

On if there are any holiday foods, trees or traditions that cause your allergies to flare up:

• Those stupid scented pine cones. They kill me! — Marsha S.

• Yes! It’s called my mother-in-law! Does that count? — Mae E.

On a train derailment in McDowell County:

• Prayers for the safety of the crews — Charlene L.

• Prayers being said — Diana C.

On a story about a chainsaw sparking a mobile home fire:

• Remember back in the good old days when all you had to worry about when working with a chainsaw was cutting your arm or leg off? Those were the days ... — Josh S.