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October 8, 2012

Cats, Mitt, vets, jail, more

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On if you plan to watch all three televised presidential debates?

• No — Cindy G.

• No — Charlene L.

• Absolutely! — Donna G.

On Charles Owens’ column about caring for a cat that is not his:

• I can definitely relate — I have seven of the darned things — Don Z.

• Our cat runs this household, he tells us when we can sleep and when he wants to be fed — Charlene L.

• Bite the bullet and let the cat come in! They are low maintenance and great company — Brian M.

On a story about what the Texas coach thinks of the Mountaineers:

• Scared, I hope — Judy B.

On whether negative political ads impact your voting decision:

• Straight Republican ticket. Yes, I now know who stands for coal — Greg B.

On a story about Romney making a trip to Southwest Virginia:

• Mitt 2012! — Sherry K.

• Big flipping deal. Not voting for him or Obama. I’m not a mindless sheep following the others. I can actually think for myself. I’m voting for Gary Johnson ... that is if the election board of West Virginia has the guts to put him on the ballot — Kaye L.

On a story about social media and politics, and whether you tweet during political debates:

• Yep ... I tweet about how good Romney is doing — Greg B.

On if you have ever been frustrated by stop-and-go traffic on Route 52:

• School buses stopping too often is the worst problem. It won’t hurt kids to walk past their driveway to catch a bus. The transit bus is not a problem. Some are elderly and/or handicapped and need to be accommodated — Kim P.

On poll results of a question asking who won Wednesday’s presidential debate?

• And this from a coal state, so pack your bags Obama! — James D.

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