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August 22, 2012

Food, football, criminals, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week and this week:

On if you could be a judge for a food competition at the state fair, what food would you want to judge:

• Cupcakes, ice cream or pizza ... — Stephanie D.

• We were there yesterday and we were asking each other the same question. We all said the jellies, honey and cakes. Yummy — Lori B.

On life sentences for juveniles coming under increased attack, and if life without parole should be a sentencing option for juvenile criminals:

• Evil people need punished — David S.

• Little crooks grow up to be big crooks. Lock them up and melt the key — Matt U.

• The reason teens do things is they think they will just be in jail until they are 18. What our generation needs is to make prisoners work like they did years ago then they wouldn’t want to go back to jail. They have it to easy — Della S.

• Yes — Marty D.

• Many kids make stupid choices. I think it depends on the crime but obviously if it’s worth a life sentence then it’s probably murder or something. At that point then I think they should spend the 20-plus years in prison because they weren’t too stupid to know better. But if it’s something like stealing a car then they should get a second chance and their records erased as an adult. If they are true criminals then it will happen as an adult and then, as adults, they can be punished. I totally believe murders and true sex crimes as a minor should have to spend more time in prison — Alicia P.

• Depends on the crime but definitely if it were murder; just because they are juveniles, doesn’t mean they don’t understand that murdering someone was wrong! If their crime included raping, molesting another child, they should face consequences; other crimes that get a life sentence should be given a second chance if it were something done out of ignorance or stupidity — Karen S.

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