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November 8, 2012

Election night, Obama, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On the results of mock elections held at Graham and Dudley schools:

• Way to go kiddos — there’s hope for our future! — Linda G.

On a Republican sweep of Mercer County races:

• I voted for them all! — Robin E.

On presidential race numbers in Mercer (Romney, 15,406; Obama, 5,416):

• My home county. Place of my birth. WTG Mercer! — Reba D.

• Glad to hear Mercer County has some sense — Lynn F.

• Certainly helps explain why Mercer County has some of the problems that it has — Jeff S.

On a story about President Obama winning re-election, and a question asking how America will fare in the next four years:

• We’re headed downhill even faster. No coal, no jobs, then what, no power? He’s a joke — James C.

• Might as well wipe West Virginia and Virginia off the map. I’m worried and actually scared. Hate to see what four more years will do to us. Most of us don’t want a government handout, we actually enjoy working for a living — Kathy H.

• Answer: Look at the last four years! The mining industry will be no more! Sad to say a lot of good people gonna be out of work! — Wayne J.

• Everyone wants to blame one person on everything that goes wrong. Blame the U.S. Congress and state [lawmakers] not just Obama and Romney ... — Chris F.

• Our country will be even worse over the next four years and we will head into a depression as bad as back in the 1940s — Karen S.

• Grimmmmmm — Darlene B.

• I foresee nothing good coming for America. Having said that, every coal miner in the nation should go on indefinite strike. Let the welfare bums that voted for Obama sit in the dark for a long time — Luke N.

• Stick a fork in us, we are done! Obama has done nothing but make things worse and anyone who thinks differently is entitled to do so but evidentially need to come out of hiding and take a look around. So I hate to say it but I think America will never rise from the debt issues and Americans will continue to lose their jobs ... — Tracy B.

• We are all in serious trouble! — Wilda C.

• This country will be worse off than it is now. Going to pot faster than ever — Donna R.

• Downhill even faster — Delia L.

• Bad, down the drain — Delia L.

• America will fare no better in the next four years. Same president, same House and Senate. Nothing has changed. Things will only worsen under this administration. God help us! — Pamela M.

• I don’t know about Obama for the next four years, but I think Bluefield will change with Bill Cole getting in the Senate — Jim S.

• Grim next four years, just look at the last four. Now who will he blame his mess on? It’s all on him now — Scott B.

• The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer, exactly as would have happened had Romney won — Matt H.

• Soup lines. Welfare checks. No new underwear or socks. Bread and water for next four years — Rodney B.

• Not good — Mark F.

• Sinking ship ... get a damn life vest! — Rex O.

• Our area will suffer even more than it is now. Lots of ghost towns from lack of work — LaVonne C.

• The country will continue it’s recovery from the Bush mess, Congress will continue pushing 1950s agendas to control a woman’s health care instead of working to help America, people will continue to watch and believe propaganda like the farcical war on coal, everyone will still have all their rights and claim they are losing them, puppies will dance and kittens will meow. Business as usual except there will be no massive tax cut for the rich even though they spent three billion dollars trying to put Romney into office — Joe H.

On Nick Rahall being elected to serve a 19th term in Congress:

• This is a prime example of the need for absolute term limits for any and every position in government — Charles B.

On the election of Bill Cole to the 6th District Senate seat:

• Congratulations to Bill Cole! — Joe B.

On the election of three Republicans to the House of Delegates District 27 seats:

• Congratulations Joe Ellington! — Ball R.

On the election of Gene Buckner to the Mercer County Commission:

• Better lawyer up Gene, they might try to steal it from you again. Congrats on your victory — Robert H.