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June 10, 2013

Doughnuts, drugs, IRS, more


On a story about 16 people being indicted on federal drug charges:

• Put their behinds right where they need to be — jail — Susan L.

• Right, because that worked out so well the last 800,000 times — Derek Z.

On a viral video of a television news crew being assaulted after attempting to interview a grieving family:

• What gives the media the right to go to a grieving parent with a camera in their face? That is so wrong — Della S.

• I say good enough for the news crew! People need their space, especially after their children get murdered! You don’t know what else that poor woman had on her plate ... — Angie G.

• Good for the family. I think people with cameras who stick their noses into other people’s business, especially someone who has experienced tragedy, deserve much worse ... — Shan C.

On more than 50 people being arrested as part of the Bluefield Pill Initiative:

• We learned from the last sweeping arrests two years ago that those people don’t serve any real time because most of them are already out of jail and back to dealing. If the justice system continues to fail us then eventually we are going to have to revert to the baseball bat/ mine shaft system — Joe H.

On a poll question asking if the federal government should be allowed to monitor phone calls and Internet activity of ordinary citizens:

• When Bush started this Republicans said if you are not doing anything wrong, you had nothing to worry about. Has that changed? — Rick T.

• No! — Kelli C.

• Heck no — Robin L.

• Absolutely not! I don’t care if I don’t have anything to hide, they don’t have the right to invade my privacy. They can monitor me when I’ve given them a reason to do so — Alli L.

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