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June 10, 2013

Doughnuts, drugs, IRS, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On Dunkin’ Donuts new bacon and egg sandwich served on a sliced glazed doughnut:

• Bacon is awesome! But does Dunkin’ really want to make America fatter! Geez! — Stephanie J.

• Sounds like a winner to me — Della S.

On a poll question asking readers to rate the drug problem in their communities:

• It’s horrible here in McDowell County — Carolyn C.

• Tazewell, too — Christine H.

• Princeton, unreal! Everywhere you look! Panhandlers everywhere! — Carla J.

• Horrible doesn’t even begin to describe it — Angela S.

• You should have another category ... ignored — Kathy C.

On a story about a firefighter being injured while battling a blaze:

• Hope the firefighter is OK. Prayers to him — Patty H.

• Yes, thank God no one was hurt badly — Nathan S.

• Praying the firefighter is doing well — Karen S.

On the Bluefield city board election results:

• If only this could happen in Washington — Janis D.

• I seriously hope that the new board really considers the people that are still there in the city limits, and do something positive to help change the town for the better! There are a lot of people out there with good ideas, but because either they don’t live in the limits, or they aren’t “somebody,” their ideas are either scoffed at or totally ignored! — Janie F.

• Hopefully it is not too late for those who still live in Bluefield — Chrissy C.

• Time for a change finally, and some animal lovers too! — Susie B.

• Thank God! Now let’s clean up Bluefield and do away with this ban! — Keisha D.

On a poll question asking your opinion of the Internal Revenue Service:

• IRS is horrible like Bluefield’s drug problem ... They use our own money to control us, bully us and threaten us, and both parties allow it! — Drew F.

• We give them our money, and they mismanage it worse than we could ever dream of doing — Stacey J.

• I think they’re great! I am the only person commenting on this who won’t be going through an audit in the near future! LOL — Donna G.

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