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January 13, 2014

Cold, Christie, water, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On how you prepare for frigid temperatures and winter weather:

• Move to some place warm — Stephanie H.

• Stay home — Arlene N.

• Keep calm and idiot watch — Dan M.

On a story about Bluefield police hiding in a house to catch burglars:

• Great job, officers! Good to see that they caught some burglars, especially with how hard it is to catch them — Bobbie L.

• I hope there is lots of jail time! What goes around comes around!! — Joanne W.

• We are very proud of those officers! — Mae E.

• Seriously, already released on bond? — Betty M.

• Sad! Nice work BPD — Josh H.

On what you think about the cultural shift showing that more expectant couples are choosing cohabitation over shotgun weddings:

• I still believe in marriage — Kristy C.

• Signs of the times — Karen D.

• Marriage kills your love life — Steven R.

• It’s harder to break up if you have to get a divorce. Might make some stop and think if they were legally bound with their companion ... — Shirley M.

• The most important thing is that the children are cared for — Gene B.

On an emergency shelter being opened at the Princeton Rescue Squad due to the extreme cold:

• Good idea! — Sharon B.

• That’s so awesome. Thank God this is possible for Mercer County residents — Dàna T.

On a story about Appalachian Power working to restore electricity to customers:

• Lord be with all those out there in this cold. I pray they stay warm the best they can — Sherry B.

• But I have to say with AEP’s rates they should be prepared ahead of time! — Cindy O.

• Perhaps APCO would have fewer equipment failures if they removed tree limbs from their lines — Gene B.

On a story about a Mercer County man pleading guilty to federal child pornography charges:

• Why five months to sentence this pervert?! — Joanne W.

• Sick — Renee S.

On how you fared during the frigid winter weather:

• Power was out from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Tuesday, my pipes burst and then my basement flooded — Neal V.

• My water line to my washer is frozen, but otherwise not so bad — Stefanie B.

• My water froze up — Bonnie G.

On a poll question asking if Congress should extend long-term unemployment benefits:

• Yes, I think they should with Obama putting more and more miners out of work ... — Anita H.

• Yes — Delta F.

• Not to worry — they can depend on “compassionate conservatism” to help them pay their bills, buy food, etc. — Bill S.

On a poll question asking what you think is the biggest problem facing the two Virginias?

• Drugs — Samantha W.

• Unemployment — Michelle B.

• Drugs ... and welfare becoming a career choice — Bev D.

• Well people wouldn’t have time to do drugs if they were busy with a good-paying job — Jeremy V.

• Lack of jobs — Shannon Y.

• I came from the D.C. area, there’s more drug abuse down here than up there! — Steven M.

On the coldest day you can remember:

• This week, lol — Rj C.

• Early 80s, minus 50 with wind chill — Karen D.

• 19 below around 1963-64 when I was in high school. My dad drove me that day — Marty L.

On whether the traffic jam political scandal in New Jersey will negatively impact Gov. Chris Christie’s expected run for president:

• Hope so — Karen D.

• Yes, because Dems jump on anything a Republican does but turn a blind eye to their main man Obama — Daniel J.

• Gov. Christie pretty much bit the bullet on that one. He had some hope of cross party voters before, being viewed as a more moderate Republican who dealt with issues. That’s now over. Spin though he will, there is no way that the party will put money behind him. He may be able to stay in state government, but a national election attempt would be a retirement plan — Joseph A.

On a chemical spill in West Virginia that caused thousands to be without water:

• Wow! Scary! I fear for the larger impact on the environment! ... — Missy T.

• People can be told to not use the water, what about the fish and the wildlife? Watch how quick the fine they get for this spill is lowered by their country club buddy judge and they go right back to doing the exact same thing with no consequences — Joe H.