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January 6, 2014

Finances, headlines, holidays, more

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— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On if you feel you will ever be financially secure enough to retire:

• If they don’t shut coal down, I’m putting in to a 401k. If they do, you all can support me ... Greg B.

• Yes — Robert R.

• Lol ... funny question. Oh ... answer, no — Heather P.

• Maybe when I’m 100! — Brian W.

• What’s with all these cars driving around Bluefield and Princeton with Obama/Biden bumper stickers. Don’t these people realize that the communist president is out to destroy the coal industry? ... — Mike L.

• Yes I do. The greatest “unknown” factor for me and my husband is the cost of health insurance and health care in retirement — Donna G.

On plans for the New Year’s Eve Lemon Drop in Bluefield and Downtown Countdown in Princeton:

• We will be at Downtown Countdown in Princeton! — Dave H.

• Following the “New Year Shooters” in Cherryville, N.C.! — Michelle M.

• Will be at downtown Princeton! — Peggy J.

• Have fun Bluefield! This should be a fun event! ... Thank you for all you are doing! — Amy T.

• Looking forward to ushering in 2014 with the Lemon Drop in downtown Bluefield! :) Teresa R.

On if you agree or disagree with our picks of the biggest headlines of 2013:

• Mostly I agree, however, I was hoping revitalization in downtown Princeton (annual cruises, old theater, artists’ alley, and lots of other activities and plans) would have been given honorable mention at least — Donna G.

On if you are an early bird or a night owl, and if you think this is a characteristic that can be changed:

• Night owl, and no. It is and always will be hard for me to wake early — Stefanie B.

• Early bird. Yes, it can change. For all of my 40 years I have been a night owl and loathed early mornings. But my sweet son was born nine months ago, and he wakes at 4:30 every single morning. He awakes with a wide smile, and somehow I quickly adapted to this change to accommodate him — Sharon Q.

• At the moment I am a night owl due to working nightshift as a nurse however I have also worked dayshift and succeeded as well. So I truly believe habits can be changed. I have also seen my husband go from a hoot owl to an early riser as a teacher — Mary B.

On if you will travel to buy cheaper gas:

• Absolutely. West Virginia already has ridiculous gas prices and though I live in Beckley, I haven’t bought gas in this state for over a year ... — Jonathan S.

• We do our very best to not ever buy gas in West Virginia, we travel to Bluefield. Va., or Glen Lyn Va., for our gas. It’s feasible because we have family that lives both ways. West Virginia gas is far too high and we refuse to pay that extra 30-40 cents so some politician can line their pockets — Pam J.

On a story about the New Year’s baby, and if you or someone you know was born on a holiday:

• My oldest daughter was born Christmas Day 1976 and my mom was born the day after Christmas 1924. It takes away from their special day, most people forget it’s their birthday — Anita V.

• My brother was born on New Year’s Day — Virginia W.

• My daughter was the first baby of the New Year back in 1980 as well as the first baby of the decade in 1980 at Princeton Community Hospital ... Back then merchants gave numerous gifts for the baby — D.C. M.

• My daughter was born on Valentine’s Day! Poor kid will get shafted on gifts for the rest of her life, lol! — Amanda D.

• My daughter was born on Friday the 13th, which I’ve always considered kind of like a holiday, lol — Eden G.

• I have twins born on Jan. 1, 1985. It has always been a struggle for me to celebrate their birthdays right after Christmas ... — Pam J.

• Mine is New Year’s ... Everyone celebrates my birthday. I think it’s great on a holiday! — Ronald H.

• My husband’s birthday is July 4. We have two special reasons to celebrate! — Carol R.

• July 4 I celebrate my birthday and our son was born July 4, 21 years later — Samantha S.

• My mom and all her five kids are born on holidays — she was a New Year’s baby; sister, St. Patrick’s Day; sister, April Fool’s Day; brother, tax day; me, Groundhog Day; brother, New Year’s Eve — Alisha R.

• My sister was born on July 4 and I was born on Jan. 1. Her birthday was always a separate celebration. Jan. 1 sucks as no one gives a crap that it is your birthday. Beyond sucks to be born on Jan. 1 — Bev O.

• I was born Feb. 14, 1980. My late husband always made the most of this day! He always said he was double blessed and always made this day the most magical day of our year. I’ll never get that back but the memories are forever : ) Jennifer G.