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December 16, 2013

Power, loans, Santa, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking how often you lose electricity at home:

• Every time the wind blows! — Karen M.

• Two to three times per year — Bonnie W.

• Last year it was almost 30 days combined. Since AEP cleaned up the right of ways I have only lost it once this year... — Elise B.

On how long it will take you to repay your student loans, and if the education you received was worth the debt incurred:

• I could have went to Harvard with the amount I spent :/ I will be paying for the rest of my life :/ ... Felicia B.

• Both of my daughters owe college loans and one can’t even find a job! So no, it’s not worth it — Nora A.

• I’ll probably never have them paid off and as far as being worth it? Question that every month I make a payment; especially since an associate degree is now considered “some college!” Grrrrr — Sarah P.

• At this rate I’ll never pay them off, and no the amount wasn’t worth it. For the total amount I spent on college for this area, I should’ve just went to Yale Law School or something, at least I’d have a decent job — Sadie K.

• I may have mine paid off by the time I retire. They are worse than loan sharks! — Penny T.

On a poll question asking if you would be willing to spend $500 this Christmas on a new Xbox One video game system:

• I would be willing to spend $500 on food — Luke N.

• Nope, because in January it is going to be half that price — Angela G.

• If I had money to throw away I would. My son loves his video games — Micole B.

• Yup — Frankie M.

• Not on a Xbox One ... but yes on the PS4! — Duane H.

• No — Regina A.

• The only way I’d spend that much is if I was buying it for myself — Alli L.

On what traits/characteristics are needed to be a great Santa Clause:

• Patience — Samantha W.

• A real beard, a real belly and love of children. I always refer to them as “real” and the guys in fake beards and padding as “fake” — Kim O.

On a poll question asking what age children should learn the whole truth about Santa:

• 10 — Maxine S.

• They’ll learn it when they learn it. My mom and dad always told us when we stopped believing in Santa, he’d quit coming. So, this is my story and I’m stickin’ to it ... I still believe! — Susan A.

• We do not teach them that he is real, only for fun — Ruth S.

• You mean he’s not real?! — Virginia V.

• It’s a lie no matter how you look at it, don’t lie to your kids — Jay H.

• It’s about the magic of Christmas. The spirit of Christmastime! With all the horrible things that happen in today’s world why not let children believe in something good!? — Crystal B.

• I think there is no magic age, just when they start asking the appropriate questions — Angela G.

• Cheesy thing to say, but bear with me. Santa is real. The idea of Santa Claus: Giving to others because you want to, and not expecting anything in return. A man who flies thousands of miles in freezing temperatures, just to give a kid a baseball bat. Santa is real. He is the good that lives within all people, throughout the world. P.S. I want the Xbox One for Christmas. Somebody needs to go buy me one and stop being so selfish. You can go without food for a month — Torren B.

On Princeton police finding more than $400,000 in marijuana plants at a city residence:

• Omg, why couldn’t I find it — Deontae B.

• Wow, lol. Maybe West Virginia should legalize it and [it] won’t be such a poor state. Tax it and let the state thrive — Eddie D.

• I lived in California, this is lame. Legalize it and pills won’t be such a problem. Let us control it in state ... — Jeremy V.

• I don’t even smoke but I hope it becomes legalized in the U.S. It has many health benefits unlike “medicine” pushed by the pharmaceutical industry... — Melissa E.

On a former Bluefield church youth volunteer arrested on 38 counts of child sexual abuse:

• I hope he gets life without parole or just give him the needle then he won’t be able to hurt anyone else — Mary M.

• I hope the victims are receiving counseling — Susan A.

• This is some crazy stuff. I swear our children are not safe with anyone. Hot place in hell for this dude — Benita N.

• This is heart wrenching. My heart breaks for the children and their families — Vickie M.

• They need to hang this SOB! — David H.

• This hurts the witness of every Christian. And those children ... how will they ever trust a Christian again? He will answer to the most high for this heinous crime — Dianna O.

• I seriously wonder how he can stand to see his own face in the mirror — Lisa B.