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January 15, 2012

A bird's eye view of Bluefield

— — I have always wanted to see a bird’s eye view of Bluefield. Little did I know that wish would come true during a Prerogative Magazine photo shoot. When I scheduled the fashion shoot for the women’s magazine during the month of December, I was worried it would snow. Eric DiNovo and I had already talked about the photography; we knew we couldn’t have fresh flowers and green grass in January, but we wanted a clean street, void of snow and ice. On that particular day, the sky was a stunning shade of blue. Snow, which had fallen earlier in the week, had melted, except for a few patches in the shade. I was grateful for the warmer weather. We would be able to take some pictures outside, even in the middle of winter.


The blue skies and warm weather — I wasn’t even wearing a jacket — changed the game plan. I wanted Eric to take a photo of the models on the steps of the Bluefield Area Arts and Crafts building in downtown Bluefield. One shot caught my attention. Eric managed to capture a perfect slice of blue sky, the city in the background. The model leaned up against the building, perfect smile in place. All I could see was the brilliant blue, cloudless sky. It was a great shot, but I couldn’t help but want more of that incredible blue hue. And the only way was up — on top of the roof. Emily, a  local student from Athens, didn’t seem to mind my request. The three of us climbed the steps to the roof, with Eric leading the way. We made it up the narrow stairs, one at a time. I was the last to climb the steps. When I stepped on the roof, a slight wind ruffled my hair. It was slightly colder. There were still patches of snow on the roof too. Up on the roof, the sky opened up; I knew a stunning photo was just clicks away. Except there was one problem. The door didn’t have a latch to keep it open. I volunteered to hold the door while Eric took photos of Emily near the side of the building. But Eric used his camera strap to keep the door from locking shut. I didn’t question the logic; I was too busy staring at the sky and imaging a first for the magazine — a bird’s eye view of Bluefield.

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