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July 16, 2012

Take your time in finding an adviser

Abraham Shakespeare did not have much luck in finding a financial advisor.

The dead body of the Florida lottery winner was found in 2009 -- under a slab of concrete.

Moore, who served as Shakespeare’s advisor, is on trial for his murder this month.

Shakespeare did not do an extensive search to find his advisor. After winning a $17 million lottery jackpot, Moore connected with Shakespeare after asking a policeman to trace Shakespeare’s license plate tags.

I’m writing a new book called, “Life Lessons from the Lottery.” Lottery winners have the same problems average people do but the problems are magnified by the large amounts they receive.

People who get lousy financial advice normally don’t wind up dead. But they do wind up broke.

I have a simple rule for finding a financial advisor. Don’t be that person’s most important client.

If you get a $100 million, find an advisor who has worked with $150 million.

It gets complicated finding an advisor outside the financial field.

You can’t easily quantify whether a person is a good teacher, plumber or ballet instructor.

I spent most of the Christmas season in the hospital. I made a list of things to do when I got better and playing golf was one of them.

Self taught as a teenager, I went through long periods when I didn’t play golf at all and eight years ago, decided to give the game up completely.

Coming back at age 53, I was not golfing until I could play without embarrassing myself.

That is where Clay Hamrick came into my life.

I’ve been working with Anne Parton, who runs a personal assistant business called IAssist, with entrepreneurs as her primary client base. Anne has been a personal assistant to several high powered people and I had hired her to help me coordinate my last book tour.

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