Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

October 17, 2012

Halloween masks may indicate face of election


— MANKATO, Minn. — Survey companies such as Gallup, Pew Research and Harris Interactive might think they’ve got their finger on the pulse of the political consciousness. But there may be a better way to predict the presidential outcome.

At, you can buy a mask of your favorite presidential candidate. Sales have been brisk. And telling.

“Our mask sales have reflected an interesting pattern lately,” said BuyFun spokeswoman Aleksandra Sobic. “Overall, Obama masks have outsold Romney masks. However, whereas in September Obama masks were selling 35 percent more than Romney masks, to date in October Romney masks are selling 200 percent more than Obama masks."

Another costume seller, , has what it calls “The Official Presidential Mask Poll 2012,” which features a state-by-state tally of which candidate is winning.

Their website claims their costume counts have correctly predicted the presidential winner since 2000. So far, they’ve got the Obama/Biden ticket in the lead with 51 percent.

Sobic said it’s not just presidential masks that see a spike in sales.

In 2008, BuyFun’s “Joe the Plumber” costumes were popular, along with a slight increase in costumes that features pigs with lipstick based on rhetoric from the Sarah Palin campaign.

This big seller this year?

“Big Bird costumes are the hottest political costume theme thus far,” Sobic said. “In fact, within just three days following the presidential debate we sold out of all of our traditional style Big Bird costumes.”

But don’t worry, fellas. They’ve still got plenty of the “Sexy Big Bird” costumes in stock.


Details for this story were provided by The Free Press in Mankato, Minn.