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May 31, 2012

Burger boot camp: Here's how to get 'em right


3. Preheat your grill to medium heat. Make sure you take a steel brush and clean the grate once it is nice and hot. Now, take an old towel and carefully apply olive oil to the grate.

This helps eliminate potential sticking, which will destroy your burger. When I use a gas grill, I have one area of the grill set up with no heat. You will see how helpful this is in a bit.

4. Place the patties over the heat and DO NOT GO ANYWHERE. On a gas grill, flame ups will

occur. Don't go inside for water, an adult beverage, or to check a sports score. Grilling a burger doesn't take long, so stay with your burgers and FOCUS. One thing I have noticed is that people like to play with their burgers once they are on the grill. The only time you will touch your burger is to turn it, or to move it to the cool area of your grill if flame ups occur. You will

know it's time to turn your burger when juices start forming on the top of the meat.

Depending on the thickness of your burger, this will happen after five minutes or so.

5. When you turn the burger count on a big flame from the juices that have formed. Don't freak out and pour water on the flame. Feel free to move the burgers to the cool side until the flames subside. Oh, and do not ever squish your burger to flatten it out. You create flames and you are forcing out the moistness of the meat.

Cooking the second side will take roughly one-half the

time of the first side.

When doing gas, you can shut the lid if you prefer. It might speed up the process a bit. But, unlike charcoal, placing the lid on the grill does not eliminate the flames.

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BBQ My Way
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