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September 3, 2013

Did Manchin sell his vote to Bloomberg?

— When Joe Manchin was our governor, I thought he was a pretty good guy. I trusted him (as much as you can trust a politician), and thought he was doing a pretty good job as governor.

Recently however, I heard that he sold his vote to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I was skeptical of this, so I Googled‚ “Manchin, Bloomberg, Fundraiser.” I found several stories about Bloomberg having a big fundraiser for Senator Manchin.

It’s no secret that Senator Manchin promised while campaigning for the Senate that he would oppose any new gun control laws including the universal background check.

Since becoming a senator, Manchin seems to have gone over to Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun point of view on gun control. I wrote a letter to Senator Manchin asking him about this, but so far, I have not gotten a return letter from him.

Is this fundraiser a way for Bloomberg to repay Manchin for changing his stand on gun control?

James Dupont

Berkeley Springs, WV

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