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Cale Burkhart waits behind a table holding marijuana products for his turn to make a presentation about cannabis syrup at a medical marijuana facility in Seattle. From right are marijuana trim and "B" grade buds, manicured buds, marijuana-infused glycerine and vegetable glycerine, used to dilute the infusion to the desired ratio for a tincture. Spreadsheets, statistics and bean-counting are Mike Steenhout's, comptroller of Washington�s Liquor Control Board, regular realm of expertise. Now, he�s a weed guy. Washington�s vote last fall to legalize marijuana for adults over 21 and set up a system of state-licensed pot growers, processors and retail stores left dozens of Liquor Control Board employees in the position of having to research and help regulate a substance that many knew little to nothing about. While the state has hired a Massachusetts firm to serve as its official marijuana consultant, the Liquor Control Board is also doing its own work--a cannabis crash-course. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)